Advanced Techniques

‘Advanced Techniques enhance and enrich the benefits of one’s daily Transcendental Meditation programme. They hasten one’s growth to enlightenment — to that level of Unity Consciousness which harnesses the full value of Natural Law at every stroke of activity.’


The Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation are a powerful tool Maharishi developed for meditators to enrich their experience and reach their full potential as quickly as possible.

Meditators who learn the Advanced Techniques and integrate them into their daily programme have reported profound benefits to their practice. During meditation, they often experience deeper and clearer experiences of transcending. During daily life, they often notice that their thoughts and actions are becoming more powerful and constructive.

Ultimately, many meditators find these techniques dramatically speed up their personal development – profoundly developing their consciousness and unfolding their full potential.

Are you also looking to develop your consciousness and enhance your TM practice? If so, we invite you to join us at MERU for an Advanced Technique weekend – for your own benefit and the benefit of everyone around you. 

Update: Due to the pandemic we are not currently offering this course. However, you can sign up for more information as soon as we are able to hold Advanced Technique weekends again.

What others are saying about the Advanced Techniques 

‘From my first meditation using the Advanced Technique, I felt I was floating in deeper and deeper levels of peace.’ 

‘I feel that each new technique has added another layer of clarity and depth to my experience, both inside and outside of meditation. I feel more connected with everything around me.’ 

‘As I practised my new Advanced Technique, I felt that my intellect was becoming sharper and stronger, more clear and harmonious. These qualities have been growing in my daily life.’

Practical Details

Who is eligible for the Advanced Techniques?

The four Advanced Techniques are taught in a sequence, with each one separated by a period of at least two months. Like TM, they are taught one-to-one by experts who have been specially trained and certified to teach them.

Have you been practising TM for at least two months? And does your TM Teacher recommend you for the instruction? Then you are eligible for an Advanced Technique weekend with us. (Note you don’t have to do anything for the recommendation – we’ll check in with your TM Teacher when you apply.)

While learning the four Advanced Techniques is a prerequisite for taking the TM-Sidhi Programme, there’s no pressure to commit to the full programme. Learning even one Advanced Technique will bring wonderful new benefits to your personal development, and is an excellent way to see if you’d like to continue learning and developing through Maharishi’s advanced programmes.

The location

The Advanced Technique weekends take place at MERU, with housing in locations such as the BosHotel or Hotel St. Ludwig.

MERU, also known as Maharishi European Research University, is a peaceful campus located in a national forest in the south of the Netherlands.

Founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MERU offers courses to the global TM community on health, personal development, spirituality, and wellness. As Maharishi’s home for 18 years, MERU has a very special atmosphere – the perfect environment for a restful weekend retreat.


Course Fee

The course fee is according to your country – feel free to ask about fees at Are you a student? Or learning Advanced Techniques as a couple? We may have special discounts for you – please enquire in your application or email us.

Housing Fees

Housing fees and transportation arrangement are to be announced.

Dates and schedule

While this is to be confirmed, our most recent Advanced Technique weekends have begun on Friday evening, with registration between 16:00 and 19:00. Departure is at 14:00 on Sunday.

Aside from Advanced Technique instruction, the weekend includes valuable knowledge tapes and extra time dedicated to rest and your meditation programme.

We recommend not scheduling any work or meetings during the weekend, so you are able to be present for the full course and enjoy plenty of rest during your stay.


We look forward to welcoming you to MERU for an Advanced Technique weekend soon!