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Living in a TM community

We are delighted to give an opportunity few have ever been given – the chance to live in a luxury apartment in an exquisite Maharishi Vastu building on the MERU campus!

Apartments are tailored for our global meditation community to augment and support evolution and enlightenment – in the place where Maharishi himself lived for 18 years.

MERU Vastu Apartments cover


In the four-storey apartment building there are a total of 29 apartments, ranging between 30 and 110 square metres. There is something for every taste, whether you are looking for a particular size, view, or room arrangement.

1-room apartment
2-room apartment
3-room apartment


In the four-storey apartment building there are a total of 29 apartments, ranging between 30 and 110 square metres. There is something for every taste, whether you are looking for a particular size, view, or room arrangement.

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Apartment number

Number of rooms

Apartment size

Terrace size

Floor plan

AP 1

3-room apartment

109.65 m2 | 1180 ft2

25.23 m2 | 271 ft2

AP 2

1-room apartment

26.24 m2 | 282 ft2

8.87 m2 | 95 ft2

AP 7

1-room apartment

34.95 m2 | 376 ft2

0 m2 | 0 ft2

AP 11

1-room apartment

34.95 m2 | 376 ft2

9.11 m2 | 98 ft2

AP 12

1-room apartment

34.95 m2 | 376 ft2

9.28 m2 | 100 ft2

AP 22

1-room apartment

34.95 m2 | 376 ft2

0 m2 | 0 ft2

Watch the video. This is what living in the MERU Luxury Maharishi Vastu apartments looks like.

“It ‘s an atmosphere so unique, serene, peaceful, where you naturally want to learn more and be more in touch with knowledge.

It‘s the best place to be.”

Benefits of living at MERU

Reasons why acquiring a Maharishi Vastu apartment at MERU is a lifetime opportunity

Vedic recitations and celebrations

Monthly Rudrabhishek yagyas, Vedic festivals including Guru Purnima and celebration of Maharishi’s birthday

Group yoga asanas and meditation

Enjoy the coherence of doing your TM and Yogic flying program in a group

Vedic Courses, Retreats and Events

Weekly knowledge meetings,
VIP seating at events such as Live Gandharva Veda concerts and Vedic dance performances

Maharishi Vastu Building

Built in accord with nature, a comfortable Maharishi Vastu apartment with bespoke interior design

Like-minded people

Spend quality time with your neighbours

Forest paths for walking and cycling

Numerous places to explore in the heart of the Meinweg National park

Fragrant Vedic gardens

A place of inspiration and relaxation – with glasshouses to enjoy an afternoon tea

Ayurvedic treatments

Stay healthy and rejuvenate yourself with the secrets of AyurVedic healing

Organic homemade vegetarian food

MERU is supplied twice weekly with fresh organic food

Nearby modern lifestyle amenities

Tennis and golf courts, horseback riding, natural lake and swimming pool, sauna, fitness, indoor climbing and more

City life

Restaurants, boutique shopping, a local theatre and museums

Within the TM Movement

You are right in the pulse of the Transcendental Meditation movement


Interior design for enlightenment

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6 December 2023

MERU Apartments Construction updates + Interior Design Showcase

Interior design for enlightenment

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8 June 2023

Foundation Stone Ceremony at MERU

Interior design for enlightenment

MERU Open House 4

January 31st 2023

Interior Design for Enlightenment

Interior design for enlightenment

MERU Open House 3

December 7th 2022

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groundbreaking ceremony at MERU Apartments

MERU Open Houses

July & October 2022

Engaging Presentations, MERU Courses, and more on our YouTub channel

Interior design for enlightenment

MERU Summer Events 2022

MERU Apartments open house webinar

What Life at MERU Looks Like

groundbreaking ceremony at MERU Apartments

Interior Design of a Studio Apartment | by Margherita Ruelle

groundbreaking ceremony at MERU Apartments

Would Living in a Vastu Community Be a Good Next Step For You? | by Dr Eike Hartmann

Blog posts and interviews

Why we love to live at MERU?

Why we love to live at MERU?

  Located in the Meinweg National Forest is an Enchanting place called MERU. It was Maharishi’s home for 18 years. Being the capital of the Global Country of World Peace, its mission is to bring enlightenment to every individual on Earth and invincibility to...

Meet the MERU Apartments Neighbours

Meet the MERU Apartments Neighbours

Have you been wondering who is going to live in the MERU Apartments? Meet our community of professional, dedicated and friendly TM community members ranging from well known artists to change makers and devotees.Rudolf Gillmann Switzerland Maharishi planned the perfect...


Our community of professional, dedicated and friendly TM community members range from well known artists to change makers and devotees.

“Living in Maharishi Vastu”

“My wife Marie-Claire and I acquired an apartment at MERU for our family to experience Vastu, share time in the company of meditators and participate in courses, receive ayurveda treatments and more.”

Antjo de Vos

“It feels like a family”

“We feel very welcome and we are very happy to meet our future neighbours. We look forward to living here very soon. It feels like a family, we feel very free here. My wish is that a lot of people can share this experience too.”

Chantal Lagaisse

“It’s a blissful experience”

“I’ve been looking for a Maharishi Vastu house for myself to live in. I came to Vlodrop and I feel very at home here. I can already feel when I’m here on this campus, even for 5 minutes, the bliss is coming up. It’s a blissful experience.”

Ruth Brunsch


Close to everything

Community dining hall: 50 m
Meinweg National Park: 50 m
Flying halls: 250 m
Maharishi’s house: 350 m
Cafe: 1.2 km
Train station: 1.9 km
Pool, sauna, gym: 2.9 km
Restaurants: 2.9 km
Supermarket: 3.9 km
Bus stop: 5.1 km
Shopping: 5.3 km
Golf court: 5.7 km
Tennis court: 7.3 km
Hospital: 15.4 km
Airport: 76 km


Explore more details about the MERU Luxury Apartments project.

MERU life

What is life at MERU like?
The best way to envision life at MERU is to read this interesting article and watch this video.
What is the vision of the MERU community?

MERU has the eternal mission: To bring enlightenment to every individual on Earth and invincibility to every nation – creating Heaven on Earth.

In this spirit, MERU is developing the campus by building Maharishi Vastu facilities and improving the culture and environment for their residents. MERU is also planning to establish a retirement program for movement devotees since MERU is the perfect Place of Retirement and Silence.

We’re preparing a more in-depth article about the MERU community and will share it on our website soon.

What services are offered?

The following services are available to MERU residents with extra cost on request: transportation services, maintenance services, laundry services, IT solutions and post services. MERU also offers Human resources community support, stay permits administration, upkeep of the MERU gardens, 24-hour security on the MERU campus, and arranging of health care assistance.

On the MERU campus there are Meditation Halls, you can attend monthly Vedic celebrations, request Ayurvedic treatments, we arrange V.I.P. seating at some of our events, you can eat at the community Dining Hall and order fresh food from the organic Food Store. There are also many opportunities for recreation nearby.

For your apartment you can request an individual interior design and furnishing, there is also a storage possibility. For letting the apartment we have rental services and assistance for guest accommodations.

What kind of people live at MERU?

MERU is the place where leaders of the Global Country of World Peace are coming together to work on various projects, to attend conferences, leadership training and yearly celebrations. MERU is also a home for some of the Rajas, Raj Rajeshwaris and Ministers.

Coherence creating groups are one of the most important elements of the campus. Purushas have been living here since the very beginning when Maharishi purchased the land in 1984. A group of Mother Divine also joined them in 1990. Vedic Pandits continue to perform daily recitations and are present at yearly celebrations and events, such as Guru Purnima and 12th of January, and other important Vedic celebrations.

MERU attracts new Meditators looking for depth of experience. They work as volunteers and develop through knowledge & service programs. They take the Advanced Techniques and TM Sidhi program, and many of them go on to take the TM Teachers Training course.

Here you can read what kind of people will be living in the MERU Apartment Building.

How do I get a stay permit?

MERU can help you arrange a so-called “Spiritual visa”. It is a combined permit for residence and work. Allows long-term residence on the basis that the visa is renewed every 3 years. A requirement is that the holder is resident in the Netherlands for a minimum of 8 months a year.

The main idea is that people do the program at MERU, attend courses, conferences, or contribute to the upkeep of the community. It is a perfect solution for those who are retired. It cannot be used by those who have their own business or are employed.

You can also come to MERU on a tourist visa. Most countries allow you to stay for 90 days within the 180 day period. Click here to see if you need a Schengen visa to enter the Netherlands. If you can’t live at MERU full time, you can rent out your apartment while you’re away.

What else can you do in the surroundings?

The nearby city of Roermond is just a 20-minute drive away from MERU. There are numerous possibilities for shopping – from designer outlets, to little markets, to shopping centres and popular chain stores. In the old town there is a variety of cafés and popular restaurants. The city also offers many musical events, theatre productions, films, exhibitions, sporting events, walks and cycle tours. Just next to the old town is Maasplassen, with beautiful lakes, large and small. Bigger European cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Maastricht and Amsterdam are all within a one to two-and-a-half-hour drive.

Other than that there are numerous possibilities for sports and recreation, such as biking and horse-riding, nearby are tennis courts, golf course, fitness, natural lake, pool and sauna.

Do I need a car?

It is not necessary to have a car, however it is useful to have one if you like to move around.

MERU offers a Minibus service for shopping or for you to enjoy a visit to a nearby town or a village. A taxi service is available for those who need a travel service outside of scheduled times of the minibus service, or need to be taken to a train or a bus station. Airport pickup and drop-down service can be arranged for time-saving, smooth and stress-free travel. Of course you can always rent a car if needed.

How far is the airport?

Since MERU is in the heart of Europe, close to many international airports. A 1-hour drive away are Dusseldorf, Eindhoven and Weeze airports. Less than 2-hour drive away are Cologne and Brussels airports. 2,5 hour drive away is Amsterdam airport.

You can read more about travelling to MERU here.

Can I receive visitors?
Yes, residents of MERU should feel free to invite guests. Overnight guests should go through the appropriate registration procedure.
Where can I buy food?

The nearest supermarket is just a 5 minute drive away. You can also eat at the Community Dining hall, and order organic food from the MERU food store.

What’s the climate like?

According to the Köppen climate classification the Netherlands has a moderate sea climate with relatively mild winters, mild summers and rainfall all year round. Limburg is one of the warmest regions in the Netherlands with an average daily high temperature of 15 degrees. The climate widely corresponds to Central European weather conditions.

See what MERU residents say about the weather: “The weather is good, the last few years have been much sunnier and drier. The climate is changing and it is less rainy and less humid and cloudy.” and “It’s okay. Fresh healthy air, pleasant temperature in summer as well as in winter. Not as much rain as in other parts of the country.”


Why is this a lifetime opportunity?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because:
1. MERU is a unique place, in the middle of the largest national forest in the Netherlands.
2. It’s the place Maharishi lived for 18 years – it’s the heart of the TM movement.
3. This is the first time that MERU has opened its doors to residents who are not staff members. The MERU Apartment Building is the only such residential building planned for the MERU campus.
4. All but 11 of the apartments have been reserved.

Why is there an opportunity for investment?

We have prepared a document with 4 reasons “Why is a MERU Apartment a good investment“. The file will automatically download to your computer after clicking on the link.

Can I afford an apartment?
If you don’t have enough funds to take the apartment for yourself, you can share it with other people and split the cost.

If you have assets and don’t have immediate access to them, we can look at your payment plan and bridge the funds in some cases. Please get in touch with us to discuss:

Can I own an apartment?

MERU will retain the freehold of the Apartment Building. Apartments are a little bit like Raja homes – MERU owns them and that way MERU is protected. If we sold the apartments, somebody could leave their apartment to a non-meditator, and there is nothing MERU would be able to do about it. MERU would like to keep the place special as it is the International capital of the Global country of World peace.

So we arranged that one can rent an apartment for a long-term of 50 years, and pay the money upfront in the period of 1-2 years, so that we can finance the construction of the Apartment Building.

Can my children inherit the apartment?

Yes, your children can inherit the apartment. If they are Meditators and approved by MERU they can use it themselves. If they are not, they can still benefit from renting out the apartment to the Meditators, or “reselling the apartment rent” to someone else for the remaining number of years.

What other costs need to be paid?

Our best estimates at the moment are 1.000 EUR / year for the maintenance of the apartment building, and 3.650 EUR / year as a share for maintenance of the MERU campus, including maintaining the road to the apartments, and 24-hour security etc. Utility bills will be paid separately. There will be a metre to measure consumption for each apartment. There will be local tax to pay each year. About 500-1000 EUR per apartment, depending on apartment size.

Can I visit MERU before I invest?

You’re very welcome to visit MERU. We are organising live MERU Open House Events and this is the best opportunity to come and experience life in a community, events, and meet future neighbours.

If you would like to visit MERU before our next live MERU Open House Event, please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a special tour for you:


What materials are used?

Some examples of materials we would use: Custom finishes, sand-lime brick, clay plaster, wood windows, water-based wall paint, untreated wooden roof, high quality stone and ceramic finishes, natural materials for wooden floors, etc. These are the basic choices we have made regarding construction materials and finishes. They could vary depending on the finishing quality desired by the client. Full details of the building materials and finishes will be provided at the time of purchase process and through the rental agreement.

Is this a sustainable building?

We will make it as sustainable as possible in our circumstances by using natural materials, avoiding chemicals and environmentally toxic processed building materials, and using renewable energy sources such as solar thermal and photovoltaic panels. We will minimise the energy consumption for cooling and heating the interiors by using optimal insulation, taking into account the heat of the sun, etc.

What will the interior look like?

The quality of the apartments will be above the required standards. Special attention will be paid to the health of the residents, sound insulation and thermal comfort in HVAC standards.

Each apartment will have a high quality, functionally equipped kitchen and bathroom. For even more luxury, some additional options will be offered. Special attention will be paid to the finishing of the floors, walls and ceilings to optimise the interior design. Some additional options will also be offered.

If a complete interior design, including furniture, lighting, etc. is desired, our exclusive interior designer Margherita Ruelle will provide her valuable expertise and adapt the apartment to your personal tastes and needs.

Which heating system is planned?

The heating system is based on a generator consisting of two 2-group air-to-water heat pumps, distributed through a two-pipe system with a flow temperature of max 40ºC for heating. The distribution pipes are all insulated. The heat is delivered by means of tempered underfloor heating.

Is the building EMF free?

All the apartments will be built according to Maharishi Vastu guidelines, which includes shielded power cabling and Ethernet jacks for the Internet.

Regarding smart metres, MERU currently has no smart metres but has a point to point GSM (mobile radio) to send usage and billing information to the energy company. This is similar to someone on campus who uses a mobile phone occasionally – the radiation for the apartment dweller will be very small and hardly measurable.

On the plus side, there are no mobile towers close to MERU, which is very rare in the whole world. However, we can’t guarantee that will always be the case, since MERU has no control on where KPN may wish to place a tower in the Meinweg forest in the future.

For the Apartment building itself there will be an Owners Association where each owner will have a vote for specific decisions. In our experience the majority of people who are interested in buying an apartment want to have as least radiation as possible. In case the majority votes for wifi, we can suggest they buy ECO wifi routers (

Project realised

When can I move in?

If all goes according to the plan, you should be able to move in around spring 2025.

Timeline for the building process?

We are currently in the first phase of construction. If all goes according to the plan, the building should be complete in Q1 2025.

When will neighbouring buildings be built?

Three buildings are now under construction simultaneously on the south side of the MERU campus. In addition to the Apartment Building, there is the MERU Operations Building for administrative offices, and the MERU Residence Building for staff. In the coming years, MERU plans to build a world-class wellness resort and the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility. There will also be new Flying Halls and a new Community Dining Hall.

our core team

Our experienced team will ensure the whole process goes smoothly, from our first conversation with you, to the moment you step inside your finished apartment.

Raja Andreas Thrasy


Experienced real estate developer and owner of boutique hotels.


Raja Alberto Castaño

Raja of the MERU Campus

Maharishi Vastu architect, and the appointed Raja for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Margherita Ruelle

Interior designer

Interior designer, set designer and the appointed Mother of the domain for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Caspar Jung

Director of Development

MIU business admin graduate and interested in organizational change, cultural shifts and systematic innovation.

Roxana Surca

Maharishi Vastu Architect

Maharishi Vastu architect for the development of the MERU Luxury Apartment Building.

Keith Parker

Customer Service

Retired banker, instrumental in developing and arranging financing for the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, UK.

Darija Oreskovic

Customer Service

Maharishi Vastu architect and head of the dedicated sales office.

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