Your Chance to Join MERU’s WPA: A Peaceful and Festive Retreat

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Blog, Celebrations & Concerts, MERU Updates, Transcendental Meditation

After several quiet Guru Purnimas, MERU is now opening its doors for a special Guru Purnima meditation course: this upcoming World Peace Assembly (WPA), from 8 to 15 July 2022 –  and there are still some spots left.

As Covid measures are loosening up, many of us are in the process of returning to the office after working from home. We may now find ourselves struggling to adjust to the daily bustle, and sometimes stress, that comes with office life, commuting, and suddenly working closely with so many people, while trying to remain vigilant for the still-present Covid. At last, regular life seems to be resuming, but that means we need to balance rest with a sudden surge of outward activity.

While individual practice of TM helps bring rest and balance into our daily lives, group practice is an opportunity to give the mind a deeper rest from which to emerge with greater mental clarity. A meditation course is a break for the mind and body to recharge.

The sensation reminds me of the crest of a sand dune starting to slip; first a few grains, which are slowly joined by a handful more, until a wave of sand cascades down all at once. In group meditation, I feel myself slipping inwards faster than ever, joining the avalanche of transcendence around me.

My reason for coming to work at MERU was to have more time to focus on meditation, which was becoming less and less due to my previous job. After moving here, I felt like I gradually released the layers of stress that I had built up. During group meditation, I feel supported by the rest of the group and I feel less distractions than when I meditate alone at home. TM courses have uplifted me and when I leave and continue to practice my programme regularly, that feeling stays with me – I take it with me out into the world.

Ruben Schoots

Bookkeeper at MERU from the Netherlands

With this WPA we hope to not only share the benefits amongst each other, but with the rest of our world family. Group practice of the TM Sidhi technique is well-documented to reduce crime and spread coherence in the surroundings. In a world that is very much in need of this positive effect, we are gathering such a group during this special time of year. 

Group meditation amplifies that sense of peacefulness of the individual by sharing it with those around us.

Somewhere, far away in the background, I knew that there was no matter of relative importance at all. There was nothing the intellect could ever offer me that could take the place of what the absolute offers… What surprised me was the lasting effect of this experience.

Warren Hammond from South Africa

on his experiences during TM on WPA in Romania

The peaceful experience of the WPA will be reflected and amplified by MERU’s surroundings. The natural beauty of the lush green and relaxing forests is at its best this time of year. You are warmly invited to join the Guru Purnima festivities, enjoy the bliss of the group, meet with people from around the world, and eat organic food – and for the TM Sidhas, there are also the very special experience sessions with Dr Bevan Morris and Dr Lila-Maria Hartmann-Stein for faster personal growth.

Take this opportunity to attend this special Guru Purnima WPA, a blend of the deep restfulness of group meditation and the liveliness of celebrating the day of the Guru, the teacher, with like-minded and enthusiastic individuals who have gathered together to help both themselves and the world.

Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

If you would like to attend, we suggest that you reserve immediately so that we can assure you a place on the course.
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