Global Winter Assembly

Inaugurating a transformative new year with Maharishi’s worldwide family at MERU, Holland

31 December 2019 – 15 January 2020

‘Inform the press that the time is coming, the time has come. This is the time to observe what is happening – how, slowly, the history of all negativity is changing into all positivity.’
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Global Winter Assembly is the second largest assembly of the year at MERU – open to Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, Sidhas, and Meditators in Maharishi’s worldwide organisation.
Held at MERU, the international capital of the Global Country of World Peace, the Winter Assembly provides us an opportunity to gather, celebrate, gain deep rest, and together inaugurate what promises to be a truly transformative new year for the world.

This Year’s highlights

31 December 2019 – 8 January 2020
Celebrating Silence

Join us from the evening of the 31 December to begin the new year with rounding and deep rest. In the first session of the assembly on 31 December, Tony Nader, MD, PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam will invite the Maharishi Vedic Pandits to perform Vedic recitations and lead the assembly into silence.

Over the following days, participants will enjoy three days of silence, with rounding and plenty of time for rest. Beginning 4 January, the assembly will continue with extended practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programmes, and as a special treat will view recorded knowledge sessions from theme one of Raja John Konhaus’s illuminating course ‘Consciousness, Food, Physiology, and the Environment’.

The assembly will reconvene in Maharishi’s Peace Palace on the evening of 7 January, with live Vedic recitations as Maharaja leads the assembly out of silence.

Special Knowledge Feature

Vedic Agriculture and Organic Gardening with Raja Konhaus and Dr Peter Swan

As part of this year’s assembly, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy rich knowledge from Raja John Konhaus and Dr Peter Swan – world experts on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.

After coming out of silence, from 4-7 January, enjoy recorded lectures from Raja Konhaus’s fascinating course ‘Consciousness, Food, Physiology, and the Environment,’ in which Raja Konhaus presents how Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture re-unites humanity and nature from their common source in consciousness. Participants will be viewing Theme 1 of the course.

From 8-15 January, Dr Peter Swan will present delightful live knowledge sessions on organic gardening. An expert in gardening and Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, Dr Swan will bring out the relationship between soil fertility, consciousness, and health. By the end of his presentations, you will have new inspiration and practical tips for growing your own highly nutritious food with much less work – for the benefit of you and your family, the environment, and ultimately all of society.

8 – 15 January 2020
Celebrating Dynamism

Celebrate blissful dynamism – with the birthday of Maharaja and the inauguration of a new year

Celebrating Dynamism is the beautiful culmination of the Winter Assembly – a period not to be missed. The highlights are on 10 January, when we gather to celebrate the birthday and supreme administration of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam; and 12 January, when we inaugurate Maharishi’s Thirteenth Year of Invincibility – Global Raam Raj.

In addition to featuring these two most auspicious days of 10 and 12 January, this phase will allow everyone to hear the achievements and intentions of the administration of the Global Country of World Peace. With global consciousness rising, 2020 promises to be one the most transformative years yet for our world, and so this year’s presentations will be particularly interesting and encouraging.

As an added feature this year, participants will also enjoy illuminating knowledge sessions from Dr Peter Swan on organic gardening from 8-15 January. By the end of these sessions, everyone will have profound knowledge and practical tips to grow their own food in a way that supports health and consciousness – a wonderful inspiration for the year ahead.

Special Celebration Days

10 January 2020
Celebrating the Birthday of Maharaja

Celebrating the birthday of Tony Nader, MD, PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, the First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. On this day we gather to honour Maharaja and appreciate his supreme administration that is bringing Maharishi’s precious knowledge to the whole world.


12 January 2020
Inauguration of Maharishi’s Thirteenth Year of Invincibility

Enjoy the auspicious day of the inauguration of Maharishi’s Thirteenth Year of Invincibility – Global Raam Raj. On this day, we rejoice in the supreme fulfilment of invincibility for the world.



MERU, The Netherlands

Maharishi European Research University, located in the south of the Netherlands, is the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace. The home of Maharishi for 18 years, MERU offers the perfect place for a winter retreat – celebrating the end of a momentous year and the beginning of a new one.


Course and Housing Fees

For Celebrating Silence and Dynamism, we can arrange housing in Hotel St. Ludwig, a 10-minute walk from campus. If you have limited mobility and need transportation assistance, please indicate this in your application. For the period of 10-12 January, we can arrange housing for participants in the Boshotel. Transportation for this period in the Boshotel is provided.

If you need assistance with your application, please email Julia Stibane at

We look forward to welcoming you to MERU soon!