Maharishi Aroma Therapy Foundation Course 

19 – 25 June 2020
at the Maharishi Peace Palace, United Kingdom

An in-residence course based on consciousness and the principles of Maharishi AyurVeda

Whether you are a Meditator, Sidha, or TM Teacher, you have the precious opportunity in June to take a foundational training course in Maharishi Aroma Therapy. This six-day in-residence course is a chance to completely immerse yourself in the science and art of promoting holistic health and well-being on the level of the physiology, mind and emotions – and enjoy the development of finer and finer levels of consciousness.

On the practical side, you will learn how to select and apply essential oils in accordance with Maharishi AyurVeda principles. Understanding this profound self-healing system will allow you to treat and prevent an enormous variety of problems so you can enjoy better health, and a smoother path to higher states of consciousness. Additionally, you will learn how to guide your family and friends in the correct use of essential oils so you can spread the joy of this beautiful knowledge.

The Foundation Course is the prerequisite training for the more advanced Consultant Training Course, a ten-day training for Sidhas and TM Teachers to become Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultants. Please note that this year’s course is being organised in the supportive, restful Vastu environment of the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, the United Kingdom, which will make the course experience even more comfortable and restful.

To ensure a spot on this rich and life-changing course experience, make sure to submit your application well in advance!

The course includes … 

Deep, self-referral learning 

Maharishi Aroma Therapy is the science and art of promoting holistic health and well-being on the level of the physiology, mind and emotions. In Maharishi Aroma Therapy, we understand that perfect health and enlightenment is possible if we handle health from the level from which it emerges — the field of consciousness itself.

Given the experiential nature of this field, the most powerful aspect of the Foundation Course will be learning about Aroma Therapy in this profound in-residence format. Experiencing the essential oils together in a group, as well as enjoying group meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme together, will contribute to a deeply transformative learning experience.



Practical, holistic training 

As a participant, you will receive priceless practical instruction in learning how to self-manage your health and well-being in a natural, easy, pleasant, and effective way. On a fundamental level, you will learn how to select and apply the essential oils according to Maharishi AyurVeda to improve areas of health such as sleep, work performance, stress levels, emotional and spiritual well-being, energy levels, and much more.

Other course objectives include learning how essential oils are extracted, how their unique chemical composition gives them specific therapeutic properties, the different pathways an essential oil can enter and influence the body, the fundamentals of self-pulse reading according to Maharishi AyurVeda, and much more. In addition to learning how to use this profound knowledge for yourself, you will also learn how to help guide your friends and family in selecting and applying the essential oils most suitable for them.



Exquisite Maharishi Vastu environment  

The Maharishi Peace Palace is the jewel of the Maharishi Garden Village, a haven of peace and rest in the Suffolk region of the United Kingdom. Thanks to its perfect Maharishi Vastu architecture, the Peace Palace is a truly memorable place that supports your development of consciousness in every way.

During your stay, the Peace Palace’s top-notch staff will take wonderful care of you so you can enjoy every moment of your course experience. With delicious organic vegetarian meals, pristine meditation halls, charming ensuite bedrooms, and gorgeous lecture halls, we are confident your course experience will be delightful in every way.



Foundational training for continued learning  

You will learn an immense amount of practical, life-changing knowledge in these six days. But after completing this foundational training, those who are eager for even more knowledge will be qualified to take the more advanced Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant Training Course, which is currently available for Sidhas and TM Teachers. This profound ten-day course offers another layer of knowledge and practical training for those who wish to become Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultants.



Dr Nadine Thomas is the head of the Maharishi Aroma Therapy Department at Maharishi European Research University in the Netherlands. Nadine has taught more than 26 courses with Dr Rosie Geelvink, who developed the department under Maharishi’s guidance, all over the  world, in Europe, in Asia, in South America. Because of all the amazing results she has observed during and after the courses, she is passionate about spreading this profound knowledge so that all our world family can enjoy perfect health and enlightenment. She is also eager to raise up new leaders of this knowledge from the next generation and encourages both younger and older participants to attend.

What others are saying about the Foundation Course

‘The course was very beautiful and wonderful with the connection of essential oils and consciousness. To know that the finest vibrations of the oils resonate with the physiology to restore health, and higher states of consciousness was an experience that just started for me.’

– Jivanthi, South Africa

‘I feel some changes, a new wave for happiness to get bliss, now I feel how connected I am to Nature through plants, through flowers, through these essential oils. All the plants – they want to help us, they want to make us happy!’

– Irina, Russia

‘The MATF Course is one of the most beautiful I have ever done. The opening up of finer levels of feeling, the softening of aches and pains, the expansion of bliss, the utter joy of just Being – all nourishing and deepening the experience of gaining the knowledge of how a few drops of essential oil can solve all problems.’

– Susan Hamza, Lebanon, Director of Ladies Foundation for Pure Knowledge, Maharishi Aromatherapy Consultant

‘I don’t know if I can put into words how much I enjoyed this course. The knowledge is so profound and practical to our everyday life. This course is uplifting, enlightening and gives you knowledge you will use forever.’

– Course Participant

‘If you are a medical professional, you really can’t afford to miss this course, because Maharishi Aroma Therapy offers the answer to so many of today’s health challenges. And if you are not a health professional, but just someone who wants to take charge of their own health, then MAT is 100% appropriate. Once back at home, you will never be without your favourite aromas – just a few can take care of so many different needs. What a gift Maharishi has given us!’

– Course Participant

‘‘The ability to metabolise all sensory experience into the experience of bliss is the ability for prevention. All the five channels of perception — the five senses — must be so clear that all experiences through any of the five senses always inspire bliss.’’


The Logistics

Who can attend?

All meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers are invited to apply for this course. Applications submitted online will go through a brief approval process with the National Office before the MERU Course Office sends an acceptance letter.

Where will I stay?

Meetings and housing for this course will be held in the wonderfully supportive Vastu environment of the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, the United Kingdom. The Peace Palace has been described as a ‘haven of rest’ by past guests who’ve stayed there, and it has a five-star ‘fabulous’ rating on the popular site To learn more about the Peace Palace, visit their website here.

If this is a MERU course, why is it in the UK Peace Palace?

This year, MERU is operating without our standard course facility in St. Odiliënberg. To maximise the number of courses we are able to hold in this transitional period, we are arranging some of our 2020 courses off campus with partner institutions like the Maharishi Peace Palace in the United Kingdom.
The UK Peace Palace is the ideal environment for such an in-residence course – and so we know that this year’s course experience will be absolutely sublime!

How is this course connected to the Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant Course?

The Foundation Course is a prerequisite to attend the ten-day Consultant Course for Sidhas and TM Teachers. For more information about the Consultant Course and other advanced opportunities for those who have completed the foundation course, you are welcome to get in touch with Nadine at


When should I arrive and depart?


Registration will be held in the Maharishi Peace Palace, UK between 16:00 and 19:00 on 19 June. Departure time is officially after lunch on 25 June. If you need additional nights of accommodation outside of the course dates, please arrange this with the Peace Palace directly at

How much does the course cost?

The course fee for the six days is 175€, and the housing fee, including delicious organic vegetarian meals, starts at 600€ per person for a shared room, or 735€ for a private room in the Maharishi Peace Palace UK.

Is there anything I will need to bring for the course?

Participants will need to purchase and bring a few inexpensive course materials from VedAroma with them to the course, (less than 30€ altogether). The Course Office will send more details once your application is confirmed. Besides that, we recommend bringing comfortable clothing for your programme, more formal clothing for your course meetings, and of course your readiness to enjoy this beautiful knowledge!

Are you ready to begin this journey of the senses?
Join us in Rendlesham this June!