Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, Phase 1

 The first phase of a new, 300-hour certified training programme 


40 hours’ worth of webinars and an 8-10 day in-residence section at MERU, Vlodrop

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This spring, Governors and Sidhas have the unique opportunity to join the first phase of a high-level, systematic training: the new certified Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training at the 300-hour level. This programme, offered by the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International for the first time, is a systematic training programme in accordance with international standards but with a special focus on Maharishi’s Vedic Science.

The training consists of three phases. Phase One offers systematic training to teach the Maharishi Yoga Asana 16-Lesson Course with expertise and confidence to the public as well as in TM Centres. Phase One also provides a solid basis for the advanced training in Phases Two and Three. While Phase One participants are encouraged to attend Phases Two and Three, it is also possible to attend only Phase One.

Phase One overview

Phase One provides a delightful and transformative balance of both knowledge and experience, combining a series of online webinars with a two-week in-residence section. Fundamentally, participants will be learning to establish and maintain within themselves the state of Yoga, ‘living unified wholeness in the field of diversity.’ This is cultivated through long programme morning and evening and extensive time spent on Maharishi Yoga Asanas.

Additionally, participants will develop a deep understanding of the first set of Maharishi Yoga Asanas and will begin to learn how to teach them to others in the proper, safe, and most beneficial way. Refined practice, professional guidance and support, the enlightening group dynamics of practice together in-residence are all rich parts of the experience.

After completing Phase One, participants will have an excellent and solid foundation for subsequent training in Phase Two and Three of the Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training, for a total of 300 hours of training.

Before the in-residence section begins, participants are expected to have completed 40 hours’ worth of webinars and corresponding coursework. These webinars will be available to you as soon as your payment has been processed. Following the completion of the webinars (the first two modules), participants will be eligible to take the third module in the form of an 8-10 day in-residence course.   

Also note that participation for the in-residence course will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. As there is already a lot of interest, we encourage you to apply and confirm your participation as soon as possible.

The Maharishi Yoga Asanas are a means of living the true meaning of Yoga, unity, or as Maharishi explained, ‘living unified wholeness in the field of diversity.’ 

The course includes … 

Learning to establish and maintain the state of Yoga 

The Maharishi Yoga Asanas are a means of living the true meaning of Yoga, unity, or as Maharishi explained, ‘living unified wholeness in the field of diversity.’ A fundamental part of this instructor training, therefore, is the development of consciousness cultivated most profoundly in the in-residence section through long programme morning and evening, and extensive time spent studying, practising and refining the Maharishi Yoga Asanas. This self-referral aspect of the course, and the resulting alignment of the individual physiology with cosmic physiology, is for many participants an utmost powerful and transformative part of the training.


Comprehensive practical instruction

 On a practical level, Phase One participants will receive an excellent foundation of knowledge and experience in the Maharishi Yoga Asanas, with more than 120 hours of instruction. This consists of a series of webinars (40 hours plus course assignments) and the 8-10 days of in-residence practical training (100 hours).

Phase One will delightfully combine theoretical knowledge – including an intellectual understanding of the physiology, yoga theory, and benefits and contra-indications of the yoga asanas – and practical experience, with an enjoyable understanding and beneficial refinement of the asana postures by the instructors.


Professional guidance

On a professional level, participants will develop a deep understanding of the first set of Maharishi Yoga Asanas and will begin to learn how to teach them to others in the proper, safe and most beneficial way.

Phase One also includes an introduction to personalisation and teaching methodologies – including observation, assisting and adjusting, instruction, teaching styles, lesson planning, corrections, and giving feedback in a group.

Finally, participants will receive guidance on the logistical points of starting a business, such as finance planning and marketing. On completion of Phase One, they will be a part of a community of Maharishi Yoga Asana graduates dedicated to sharing this beautiful aspect of Maharishi’s Vedic Science.


Comfortable, supportive environment 

Many of the course meetings will take place in the supportive environment of Maharishi’s Peace Palace at MERU, which allows for ideal learning and spiritual growth with its Vastu architecture.

MERU will be arranging housing for those who wish in the nearby hotel Haus Wilms to allow for maximal rest and comfort.

Maharishi videos released just for this course

Another one of the delightful benefits of this training is the illuminating lectures from Maharishi, which are currently only available in this instructor training. 

This knowledge, presented beautifully by Maharishi, will allow for deeper understandings for participants – even those who may already be very educated in the field of yoga.


Gudrun Buchzik
is a recertified Governor and a certified Yoga teacher on advanced 1,500-hour level, and is qualified to train and certify yoga teachers worldwide. She is head of the Yoga Department of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International and has taught all Maharishi Yoga Asana Teacher Training Courses in Europe, Asia, and the USA. She is also a certified Face Yoga Teacher and is working fulltime as Deputy Director of Maharishi Ayurveda Europe.

Dr. Paul Morehead
is Associate Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine at Maharishi International University and Director of the online MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in physiology and health and is Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He has taught Maharishi AyurVeda and Maharishi Yoga Asanas at MIU for the last 32 years and was co-trainer of two Maharishi Yoga Asana TTCs in 2017 and 2018.

Assistant Trainer

Barbara Maria Gibiser
is a recertified governor, certified yoga teacher, Maharishi Yoga Asana TTC graduate, and has been an assistant trainer of Gudrun Buchzik since 2017. Barbara has been studying and practising Maharishi’s Vedic Science since 1997. She is a Maharishi Panchakarma Technician and has been active in several countries in this role. Barbara has also gained profound expertise in Vedic organic cooking, aromas, and sounds and is certified in Maharishi Aroma Therapy and Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems. In 2018 and 2019, she guided the Maharishi Yoga Asana sessions during the International Young Meditators Courses in Romania and Spain.

What others are saying about Phase One

‘I have much more energy’

‘For the first time in 45 years, I’m practising asanas correctly. Now I really enjoy them, and during practice, I feel very pleasant healing going on throughout my body. P.S. Since learning to do Maharishi’s yoga asanas correctly, I’ve lost 28 pounds and am on track to a normal weight! My diabetes and kidney lab results are now within normal ranges. My arthritis has diminished; my sciatica is gone. I have much more energy.’

‘The transformation is huge’

‘The Maharishi Yoga Asana TTC was one of the best courses I have ever taken. I have been a Governor for almost 40 years, but only now, while attending this course, have I fully realised the greatness of this Vedic technology. The transformation is huge in my health, energy, and posture. I feel lighter, more blissful, and above all an expansion of the heart with so much Universal love and gratitude.’

‘I learned things that I never knew’

‘I’ve practised asanas for many years and got good results. But during this course, I learned things that I never knew. The results have been striking for my inner experience. I never expected to get results similar to what I previously only experienced in meditation. I am so happy I took this course.’

‘The success was instantaneous’

‘Gudrun taught us in a few hours what I had never known about Asanas. The success was instantaneous: relief from pain in lower back and knees which I had suffered from for years. I am 100% happy and will continue after having neglected Yoga Asanas for 35 years. Thank you!’

The Logistics


Who can attend?

This training is available for Governors and Sidhas, with Sidhas becoming teacher assistants. Applications submitted online will go through a brief approval process with the National Office before the MERU Course Office sends an acceptance letter.

How is this course different from other Maharishi Yoga courses that have been offered?

The new certified Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Training on the 300 hours level is now in three phases, with the first phase equivalent to the previously given ‘Maharishi Yoga Asana Teacher Training Course.’

This new 300-hour training is in accordance with international yoga standards, with a special focus on Maharishi’s Vedic Science. After the three phases of this training, Governors and Sidhas will be competent to teach the Maharishi Yoga-Asanas to the public, in universities, medical offices, fitness studios, and in many other ways.

Furthermore, all graduates of the Maharishi Yoga Asana Instructor Course will afterwards have the possibility to become a Maharishi Yoga Asana Therapist (100 additional hours, 400 hours in total). This advanced therapist training will start in 2021.

For more details about Phase 2-3 and other ongoing opportunities, you are welcome to email the MERU Course Office at


Do I have to be fit and flexible to attend this training?

You do not necessarily have to be able to demonstrate the Maharishi Yoga Asanas to others after graduation. During the training, you will learn how to explain the asanas and professionally guide others, observe typical beginners’ mistake, and adjust and correct their practice.

In the past, even the course participants with limiting physical issues enjoyed the training tremendously and experienced huge transformations on every level.

Where will I stay?

Our recommended accommodation for the course is the comfortable nearby hotel Haus Wilms, which we will arrange for participants who wish to have their housing through MERU. Transportation is provided to and from Vlodrop campus / Haus Wilms in this case.

When are the in-residence dates?

The first two modules (the webinars) of Phase 1 will be available immediately, as soon as you have paid. Due to the situation with COVID-19, MERU does not have a confirmed date for when the third module (the in-residence section) will take place, but it will be much later once the global situation has settled.

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to wait – you can start on the first two modules online and enjoy this beautiful knowledge from the comfort of your home! 


How much does the course cost?

The structure of the course consists of 3 different modules: 

Module 1 (200€): 20 hours of theory webinars

Module 2 (390€): 20 hours of practice webinars

Module 3 (610€)*: 8-10 days in-residence for practical training

*Please note that this does not include board and lodging.

The total course fee including webinars is 1.200€. The housing fee will be known as soon as the dates are confirmed, but as a general rule housing will be 70€ per night for a single room and 109€ per night for a double room. Housing will be in nearby Haus Wilms, with transportation provided to and from campus. Please get in contact with to enquire about reductions for certain countries. 

* This course is not currently available. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our course announcements.