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Each time I interview our MERU faculty, I come out amazed and inspired at the innumerable applications of Maharishi’s profound knowledge.

And this interview may be one of our most inspiring yet!

Eva Bergmann is a long-time Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a practitioner of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems — a treatment developed by MERU Faculty Joachim and Iris Roller under the direction and guidance of Maharishi.

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, or MLG as we often call it, bathes specific areas of the body with a special light that has been passed through high-quality gemstones. It is said to result in healing, deep rest, and ultimately the development of higher states of consciousness.

A practitioner since 2010, Eva has given well over 5,000 MLG treatments, and has dedicated the past several years to supporting the MLG department in making this technology more available worldwide.

Recently, I had the chance to speak to Eva about how MLG works, the amazing experiences of the people receiving these treatments, and how TM Teachers can follow her lead to find similar success as MLG practitioners.

Interested in becoming an MLG practitioner? Read about our upcoming course from 13 April – 1 May 2020.

Rebekah: Firstly, can you tell me a little bit about yourself – where you’re from and where you live at the moment?

Eva: My name is Eva Bergmann. I am from Denmark, and I live right now in Silkeborg in Denmark, and I give Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems treatments there. I also give treatments in Copenhagen, and in a few other places as well.

Rebekah: When did you first hear about Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems? How did you encounter this knowledge, and how did you get more involved and more interested in it?

Eva: I actually was a student at Maharishi International University from 1984 to 1988. While I was there, a friend of mine knew Joachim Roller and had one of the early set of beamers and gave me some treatments. And I loved it! 

I got very inspired, because I felt that this treatment affected some areas inside of me where I didn’t see anything else would go.

At that time, not many people knew about it. I knew that Maharishi had inspired Joachim Roller to develop this technology, and that they were working on it and refining it, and that it was used in Europe Germany, and different places.

But over the years, it was something I would always think about, and I would wonder, when is this knowledge going to come out?

Years later in 2007, Maharishi asked Joachim to spread Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems to the rest of the world. When the training courses started, and the knowledge was becoming more public, it was natural to decide to do the training myself.

So what year was it that you did the training yourself  was this the phase one course as it is given now?

I did the training in 2010, and yes, there was only phase one at that time.

Since taking the course, I’ve felt the calling to help with this programme – I really care about it. I feel that the depth of transformation that people receive from it is so profound that it really deserves to be available to more people.

Since I took the course, I’ve felt the calling to help with this programme – I really care about it. I feel that the depth of transformation that people receive from it is so profound that it really deserves to come out to more people.

It’s also an amazing tool to have in your toolbox as a Governor. I myself have been a Governor now for 30 years.

When I first became an MLG practitioner, there was very little support available. I actually made the first MLG website ever myself, and I started interviewing people, and was the mother of the first website in the U.S. I also made films for these websites, and later became project manager for the international website and have been getting translations done for it – just working to hold everything together!

But now, I think it’s so amazing that the people coming on the training will have so much available to them, so much material that they can use.

They even have the possibility of having their own personal website made, which would normally be very expensive. So it’s very fortunate now that you can come and have all this support and hear the experience of everyone else.

Why gem light? What effect does this have on the body and on consciousness?

All through the ages we can see that people have worn gems both for their beauty and for their healing effects.

In the old days, it was only people who were very wealthy who could do this. Nowadays, we are much more fortunate. And of course we can buy jewelry and wear it, but I cannot say that wearing gems has changed my life dramatically. With Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, on the other hand, just within one or two hours, I’ve seen huge changes.

What’s interesting with Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems is that with this special light shining through the highest quality gems towards the body, it’s a non-invasive treatment, where there’s no touching of the body. The light shines towards the body.

And when the light shines through this most intelligent structure of the gem, the effect of resonance enlivens the inner intelligence of the body, and the body’s own ability to heal itself. This has a completely different effect than just wearing a gem. It’s also a lot cheaper, because buying the gems is not something that’s affordable for everyone.

MLG is actually one of the most affordable treatments we have available, but it’s too little known – it should be used more widely.

And for anyone wondering, Maharishi directly inspired and worked with Joachim Roller, and oversaw everything, and gave his recommendations. In fact, Maharishi’s instruction was to combine ancient knowledge with modern technology, and to look into AyurVeda, and to help people gain better health and develop higher states of consciousness.

So there’s no doubt that Maharishi really was behind this and has endorsed it, and wished for us to have this as part of Maharishi AyurVeda.

I understand you have been involved in some research projects as well. Can you tell me a little about that?

Yes! Two years ago, I was invited to speak in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the big Ayurveda Congress. That was actually the first time MLG was presented publicly in such a big scale – I spoke to about 600 people.

During my presentation, I presented the pilot studies. I said no real studies had been done, and if anyone was interested in doing any, I would be happy to collaborate.

After my talk, someone from the medical university in Graz in Austria came up to me and offered to work together. And so last year in April I went there and did measurements – and they did so many measurements that we are still waiting for the results. 

I hope that when the results come, the researchers will do a full-blown study. So this is very exciting.

What are some of the most common experiences people have while receiving treatments?

People have very different experiences depending on their situation.

Often, you will see that people who have been meditating for 30-40 years have a much better state of health than other people in their age group. Because of long practice of Transcendental Meditation, these people will have more of a restful experience and may not feel so many physical sensations – this is because TM itself is such a healing technique!

So the most common experience is deep, deep rest. Some people say this is the deepest rest they’ve ever experienced, like a very deep programme.

For others who do have major traumas or stresses still in their physiology, MLG is wonderful addition to the TM programme in its healing effects. It really seems to unearth and heal old traumas and injuries and help support the growth of higher states of consciousness.

In fact, I had someone this year who complained about a pain in the stomach. We did multiple sessions, and during the third session she had a huge healing and release of a ‘#metoo’ memory from when she was 18.

She said she had done so many other things to try to heal this trauma, but MLG was a healing beyond anything she experienced before – as if a total healing. This experience from when she was young had had a catastrophic influence on her life, but now she felt like she was home again.

This woman said she had done so many other things to heal this trauma, but MLG was a healing beyond anything she experienced before, as if a total healing. This experience when she was 18 had had catastrophic influence on her life, but now she felt like she was home again.

It can unlock creativity, too. I had one mathematician who was from Harvard, a really top mathematician who came for multiple sessions. And one time he told me, ‘I’ve been working on this mathematical problem for one year, and during this session, I could see the whole answer of this complex problem, all written out in elegant in elegant equations!’ And this happened twice for him. 

It’s so fascinating to see, that Swastyha, the AyurVedic definition for health, is really health on every level – it’s feeling love, and bliss, and vitality, and energy, and creativity!

As long as we don’t have all these qualities all the time, there’s room for improvement.

You see, we have in life a kind of spectrum, from trauma to absolute bliss. And it’s equally important for people who are already feeling good to feel even better.

Many people feel that this is like being on a residence course or something – that if they don’t have time to go rounding, it just really adds to their experience of consciousness.

Swasthya, health, is really health on every level – it’s feeling love, and bliss, and vitality, and energy, and creativity! As long as we don’t have all these qualities all the time, there’s room for improvement.’

It’s also an amazing thing to have this tool in your toolbox when you’re a TM teacher – because sometimes people come with very deep stresses.

And sometimes, people aren’t ready to learn TM, and this helps them release their stresses and prepare their nervous system for clearer experiences of transcending.

Of course, I would always favour TM first, beyond anything, but I think MLG is a wonderful addition.

It sounds like you’ve had countless really dramatic experiences with people, but do you find that some people have a hard time noticing the subtle effects? How do you explain that to people?

In comparison to the more than 5,000 treatments I’ve given, it’s a very, very small amount of people who didn’t experience anything – really just a handful.

But the important thing to understand is that as Maharishi said, quoting the ancient saying, ‘the effect of the yagya in the unseen.’

Those people who don’t notice anything may not feel anything physically or emotionally, but the effect may be a more universal effect, which is then helping them to ‘avert the danger that has not yet arisen.’

Obviously, we like to have big dramatic effects. But with MLG it’s often not like a massage where you have a really deep pressure and then you feel ‘Oh, I really got worked on!’

It can be just the opposite. It can be very subtle, but subtle is more powerful.

For TM teachers wondering how to incorporate giving treatments into their schedule, what would you say?

And how long, in your own experience does it take to build some momentum in offering treatments regularly?

Of course, it’s natural for things to take their time.

What I myself did when I got home from the training was I contacted some journalists, and I gave them some sessions, and they had amazing experiences. And they wrote really good articles, which was free advertising!

Another simple way is to advertise it in your local TM community. You can advertise it there, and inspire your meditators, or give talks – there are so many things you can do.

Of course, when you are a full time TM Teacher, or part-time, the most important thing is to have time to teach TM. But giving treatments works really well in your schedule, because you can do lectures in the evening, and maybe in the mornings you can do a few sessions. It works really well.

On a practical level, the MLG department can help you to find out about how to get a set of beamers. Some countries already have them, and so you might even be able to share with other practitioners. There’s also a very nice programme to lease the beamers and pay back the cost over time.

So it really is possible, although of course you have to continue working at it to be successful.

But the other thing you have to realise is there’s a great ‘fringe benefit’ of MLG – you can give yourself treatments!

So after a long day, you can put yourself under the beamers and feel recharged, or if you even have some kind of discomfort or anything like this, you have a chance to take care of it yourself.

There’s a great ‘fringe benefit’ of becoming an MLG practitioner – you can give yourself treatments! So after a long day, you can put yourself under the beamers and feel recharged, or if you even have some kind of discomfort or anything like this, you have a chance to take care of it yourself.

Sometimes we go through rough patches in our life where we need some support, and it’s an amazing tool to have for ourselves, our family, and our community.

So I think that if you really wish to go on the courses, you should contact the department and see what can be done.

Is there any final advice you would give to TM Teachers considering taking the training?

I just see again and again, just like with TM, that becoming an MLG practitioner is a calling. 

It’s amazing, and I’m constantly in awe seeing how nature works.

Before, I would hear Maharishi say that this inner intelligence is there, and that when we meditate, it’s enlivened. And I knew he was right.

But now, having given so many treatments, I truly know it. I know it so deeply that it’s beyond any doubt anymore. It’s so strong, so fundamental to see this intelligence enlivened in other people.

We see that everything – enlightenment, total health, everything – is possible. We do not know how the person right here and now will respond, because everyone responds differently, but deep inside you know it is really possible.

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MERU is holding Phase 1 of this profound training course from 13 April to 1 May 2020. It is open to TM Teachers as well as to Sidhas with a qualifying health background. After completing phase one successfully, you’ll be certified to give Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems treatments to healthy people and those with minor imbalances, the first phase of a rewarding career as a Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems practitioner.

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