Is Total Knowledge really possible within a lifetime?

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Did you know that the tallest tree in the world was discovered in California only 12 years ago?

‘Hyperion’ is the tallest tree we know of and stands more than 115 metres (379 feet) tall … about thirty-five stories high. That’s taller than Big Ben!

The truly amazing thing about this enormous tree is that it comes from a seed that’s only 3 millimeters long.

Compared to the grown tree, the redwood seed is tiny … not even noticeable on the forest floor.

And yet, this little seed contains the entire intelligence of the tree. The wholeness of the tree. All the genetic information needed for the redwood to grow into magnificent fullness.


Consciousness … the seed that contains everything


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought Transcendental Meditation to the world, taught that consciousness works the same way.

He explained that the field at the basis of all of Nature, referred to by physicists as the ‘unified field’, is similar to a seed that contains the total knowledge of the tree. ‘The unified field is the field of all knowledge in seed form’, Maharishi explained. [1]

The idea of a ‘unified field’ or a ‘field of knowledge’ may sound rather abstract.

But in fact, it’s something very intimate to us – our own consciousness, as Dr Tony Nader, Maharishi’s successor, has pointed out.

In his groundbreaking work, Dr Nader has shown that ‘Consciousness is all there is.’

Consciousness is like the seed that contains Total Knowledge inside of it. Consciousness allows the entire universe – the galaxies; the oceans; our bodies, emotions, and thoughts – to spring forth.


More than a collection of information


Most of us would agree that gaining more and more knowledge is a good thing, but would stop short at saying that we could ever gain total knowledge.

But Total Knowledge is precisely what Maharishi urged us to pursue:

‘Aspire for as much knowledge as possible as soon as possible. With more knowledge there will be more bliss. With Total Knowledge there will be total bliss. So go for Total Knowledge and you will never fail in your efforts or aspirations in life – and this is just the world we want to create for everyone born on earth.’ [2]

It’s a beautiful idea – that Total Knowledge is the basis of a blissful, successful life. But again, how is it possible?

The wonderful thing is, if you’ve learned TM, you already have the key to access this field of Total Knowledge.

As quantum physicist Dr John Hagelin explains, when we transcend, we access finer and finer levels of our consciousness, until we reach pure consciousness. And that field of pure consciousness is the field of Total Knowledge.

Does it mean that by accessing this field, we suddenly know millions of random facts we don’t really need?

Not exactly.


The road to Total Knowledge


Here’s how Dr Peter Warburton, who worked personally with Maharishi for 37 years and became his trusted apprentice in the field of Total Knowledge, describes it:

‘Total Knowledge is the realisation of the infinite silence within us and the infinite dynamism within that’, he says. ‘So Total Knowledge is a field of great creativity, great originality.’[3]

In other words, Total Knowledge is not just a collection of information.

Total Knowledge is the field of all possibilities, and has complete organising power to bring any thought to fulfilment.  

This is because knowledge is at the basis of the all the laws of nature that structure the universe … and everything we do and experience in our lives.

We can look again to Maharishi’s words to explain further:

‘The unmanifest field within the hollowness of the seed is knowledgeable about “my branch should be like that, my leaf should be like that, my flower should be like that, my fruit will be like that.” He knows everything, and that is Atma [our own Self], that is the field.’ [4]

Here, Maharishi beautifully describes the hollowness of a banyan seed, and how the ‘unmanifest field’ of this hollowness knows exactly how the plant should develop.

In the same way, when we are transcending, and we begin to experience finer and finer levels of thinking, the mind becomes more and more alert. When that finest level is transcended, our consciousness is left completely by itself and knows itself completely.

The result is that the ‘seeds’ of all our thinking and action can come to more complete development and fruition. Over time, as we move between meditation and activity, we naturally begin acting from deeper knowledge, more in tune with the way nature functions.


So … is Total Knowledge possible within a lifetime?


Thanks to Maharishi, Dr Nader, and the lineage of wise teachers to which they belong, we have direct access to the field of Total Knowledge.

With this knowledge we can realise more and more of our true potential.

We can take better action, make better technologies, and live better lives – all because we are becoming more in tune with the field that holds the full potential of life.

As to the question we posed at the beginning …

whether it’s possible to gain Total Knowledge within a lifetime…

Yes. And we are already on the way to realising it.

Because Total Knowledge is at the basis of our being, there is no question of whether we can gain it.

Every time we meditate, we gain more ‘Total Knowledge’. And we stabilise it through repeated experience of the state of infinite alertness.

So instead of can we gain Total Knowledge, the question is really how quickly can we gain complete access to Total Knowledge so that it’s fully at our disposal at all times?

With regular practice, and the intellectual knowledge to go along with it, this will become more and more our reality.

And to me, this is definitely a goal worth pursuing.


A fast track to Total Knowledge


Maharishi gave us techniques and programmes to access Total Knowledge directly. But he also developed an entire framework of knowledge of life, which he shaped into a beautiful and practical curriculum with Dr Peter Warburton.


Whether you’ve learned TM recently and want to take a ‘next step’, or you’ve been meditating for years, this special course will put you on a fast track to Total Knowledge. With rounding, rest, and interactive learning, you will come out of this course knowing yourself much more deeply.


Course: Maharishi’s Total Knowledge with Raja Peter


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