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Meet our community of professional, dedicated and friendly TM community members ranging from well known artists to change makers and devotees.

Rudolf Gillmann


Maharishi planned the perfect Vastu village with the vision of a Rishi. It will be a great joy and a great privilege to live in this quiet and nourishing atmosphere, surrounded with the shining power of an inspiring Maharishi Tower of Invincibility.

Antjo de Vos


My wife Marie-Claire and I aquired an apartment at MERU for our family to experience vastu, share time in the company of meditators and participate in courses, receive ayurveda treatments and more.


Raja Andreas

UK / Greece

Living in Maharishi Vastu is a lifestyle choice with a multitude of benefits. The opportunity to live in the luxury Apartment Building at MERU is a privilege and a blessing. It’s very uplifting to be part of a team supporting the next phase of development at the International Capital of World Peace.

Ruth Brunsch


I’ve been looking for a Vastu house for myself to live in. I came to Vlodrop and I feel very at home here. I can already feel when I’m here on this campus, even for 5 minutes, the bliss is coming up. It’s a blissful experience.

Brian Levine


It’s really a beautiful gift from Maharishi to be a part of the Luxury Vastu Apartments coming up at MERU. I am very grateful to be a part of the blossoming community of peace and enlightenment that is being developed there.

Antoine Lagaisse


Being at Seelisberg when I was younger was a great foundation to wish this kind of life again for the next years. I know it’s the best thing to do here for ourselves and for the world. I know also it’s a wish of Maharishi and I go in this direction without any doubt.

Chantal Lagaisse


We feel very welcome and we are very happy to meet our future neighbours. We look forward to living here very soon. It feels like a family, we feel very free here. My wish is that a lot of people can share this experience too.

Nigel and Dorry Kahn


Living here is going to give us the best of both – if not all – worlds. Being at the heart of Maharishi’s Global Country in an international community attracts us both, and for Dorry who is Dutch, living on home soil for the first time in more than 35 years is the fulfilment of a long-held desire. We look forward to this project having the fullest support of Nature, and to it being completed with the least possible delay.

Raja Tammam


Living in a Vastu apartment will further enhance my devotion to Maharishi’s knowledge by ensuring that I am permanently enveloped in the physical manifestation of this knowledge. Living at MERU will also be like returning home because I spent the 1990s there.

Diana Leighton


I’ve been passionate about living in Vastu since I first heard Maharishi talk about Sthapathya Veda many years ago. Now, having this precious opportunity to live in a Royal and Divine Vastu apartment at MERU – Maharishi’s silence-filled home – is a blessing and fulfilment beyond words.

Frances Knight


MERU was Maharishi’s home and MERU family is my family. So it’s a natural place for me to be to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere and continue to be involved in the projects here creating World Peace. It’s a very special opportunity to have a home here.

TM Organization


We will have a permanent home at MERU which means that our meditators can stay there while taking courses on Vedic knowledge. They will enjoy monthly Vedic festivals and yagyas. Last but not least we will have a Vastu place all year long for any need of our center’s activities.

MERU Apartments core team

Our experienced team will ensure the whole process goes smoothly, from our first conversation with you, to the moment you step inside your finished apartment.

Raja Andreas Thrasy


Experienced real estate developer and owner of boutique hotels.


Raja Alberto Castaño

Raja of the MERU Campus

Maharishi Vastu architect, and the appointed Raja for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Margherita Ruelle

Interior designer

Interior designer, set designer and the appointed Mother of the domain for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Caspar Jung

Director of Development

MIU business admin graduate and interested in organizational change, cultural shifts and systematic innovation.

Roxana Surca

Maharishi Vastu Architect

Maharishi Vastu architect for the development of the MERU Luxury Apartment Building.

Keith Parker

Customer Service

Retired banker, instrumental in developing and arranging financing for the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, UK.

Darija Oreskovic

Customer Service

Maharishi Vastu architect and head of the dedicated sales office.


We are delighted to give an opportunity few have ever been given – the chance to live in a luxury apartment in an exquisite Maharishi Vastu building on the MERU campus. Apartments are tailored for our global meditation community to augment and support evolution and enlightenment. If you’d like to know more you can explore our website or get in touch by email at

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