Why we love to live at MERU?

Jan 24, 2023


Located in the Meinweg National Forest is an Enchanting place called MERU. It was Maharishi’s home for 18 years. Being the capital of the Global Country of World Peace, its mission is to bring enlightenment to every individual on Earth and invincibility to every nation – creating Heaven on Earth. In this blog post we captured some experiences of people’s life at MERU. We hope their words paint a vivid picture of what life is like in such a special place.

“Upon entering the main campus at MERU you are immediately struck by deep and lively silence, a sense of omnipresent peace and coherence. It really is like being in the presence of Maharishi. What a gift it is to live in such an atmosphere. MERU campus is like a fertilizer for growth in higher states of consciousness.” – Lewis A.

1. MERU in comparison with other places where people lived before

“It feels as though you are on a retreat every day here. Negative tendencies, or thinking, which can come from a result of high density city living, is a thing of the past here. It really can feel otherworldly, and heaven-like.” – Lewis A.

“Generally the difference is that everyone that I live and work with practices TM so that supports my own practice and my own growth in higher states of consciousness. There is a softness in our interactions which is very nice. Another thing that makes a big difference is the fact that Maharishi used to live here. This creates a beautiful feeling of lively silence on the whole campus. Also, having a small group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits who perform the celebrations that we can attend on the major Vedic celebration days is a very big support to one’s evolution and bliss. The fact that there is a group of Mother Divine and also a number of Rajas and Mothers of the Domain and other highly evolved people living and doing their programme on the campus also contributes to the very evolutionary atmosphere.” – Tom D.

“Maharishi used to live here. This creates a beautiful feeling of lively silence on the whole campus.”

2. Friends and neighbours

“There’s the freedom of having someone to talk about consciousness, spirituality, quantum physics, self-development, health and well-being based subjects. It’s great not to feel so alien being the only one who talks about these things.”- Sergio M.

“It is nice we are here for the same reasons. My neighbours also work for the movement. We are like family.” – Noemi H.

3. Sports – how do you keep yourself fit here

“I walk, do strength exercises and yoga asanas every day. We also run, play ping pong and tennis. To whom being fit is important, they can cycle, walk, and maintain their fitness.” – Damir O.

“It’s great to be able to go for a walk every day, in the morning in the fresh air, after lunch, or after dinner. The campus is just the right size so that if you make one circle it’s perfect for a short walk, or you can make a longer walk in the woods. You can cycle, play tennis all season outside, and inside the halls, we have a gym at the Bos Hotel nearby, and some people go climbing and swimming.” – Darija O.

4. Feeling of safety and protection

“There’s the utmost highest feeling of safety. Like nothing can reach me here.” – Sergio M.

“Here we feel protection by Maharishi and Guru Dev. I feel that everything I do, either good or bad, is supported. If I do something bad, I realize it and fix it quicker, because karma is faster and consciousness is clearer. It’s better and easier to do anything.”- Damir O.

5. Quality of outdoor space – parks and forest

“As the Netherlands is a small country at MERU we are so lucky to be surrounded by a national park. It may not be grand mountains but it’s a very very peaceful and energy regenerating place. To be able to do a small walk during my lunch break and during my free time to go on long walks is really lovely.” – Alia B.

“It has a very positive effect and helps the process that is happening inside. The parks and forest are gorgeous, and this is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.”- Damir O.

“I like it very much being in nature, in the Maharishi Park and living near the forest. The wonderful trees, plants, animals and lakes with nice wooden pavilions invite you to enjoy the silence in nature.” – Doris S.

MERU campus and MERU parks

6. Impact of the environment on your creativity, effectiveness and accomplishments

“I feel focused, creative and orderly going about all of my various tasks in the day, especially when it comes to problem solving. It feels like I have the support of nature to do my job to the best of my abilities, and sometimes even further than that! The small things that might have irritated me in previous jobs dissolve quickly because of where I am, and I feel like I have a much wider, tolerant outlook working on MERU Campus. It really would be a perfect place for anyone working remotely.” – Lewis A.

“I experience high creativity and effectiveness at work. I achieved a lot of goals, got two promotions within six months. Freedom and flexibility of the place allow us to dream big and get support to achieve them.” – Beatrix B.

“MERU has a special environment. I realized if I do my meditation and asanas in MERU regularly it makes a big difference in my effectiveness in learning, and it facilitates me to memorize new things.” – Szilvia S.

“I experience high creativity and effectiveness at work. I achieved a lot of goals, got two promotions within six months. Freedom and flexibility of the place allow us to dream big and get support to achieve them.”

7. Weather

“The weather is good, the last few years have been much sunnier and drier. The climate is changing and it is less rainy and less humid and cloudy.” – Damir O.

“It’s okay. Fresh healthy air, pleasant temperature in summer as well as in winter. Not as much rain than in other parts of the country.” – Beatrix B.

8. City life

“On a practical level, you really have everything you might need on campus (organic vegetables and staples), but for anything else it’s just far enough away to maintain a sense of seclusion and retreat, but not far enough away that you would feel isolated. If I ever feel the draw of a city, I can cycle to a train station 10 minutes from campus and have easy access to Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf or Cologne. Roermond also has a few cultural highlights that I like to take in from time to time, the Cultural centre hosts many art exhibitions and foreign films which I find appealing, and there are many restaurants and shopping if that is of interest.” – Lewis A.

meru apartments

Wishing to live in such an environment?

We are delighted to give an opportunity few have ever been given – the chance to live in a luxury apartment in an exquisite Maharishi Vastu building on the MERU campus. Apartments are tailored for our global meditation community to augment and support evolution and enlightenment. If you’d like to know more you can explore our website or get in touch by email at apartments@meru.international.

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