Interior design for enlightenment

#7      Building the Future of MERU

A great opportunity to participate now

At MERU in The Netherlands, three Maharishi Vastu buildings are currently under construction.

Curious about the purpose behind MERU’s construction and what lies ahead for the future?

Join us for our next MERU Open House Virtual Event. We’ll take you on a tour:

•  MERU’s vision and mission

•  Construction progress to date

•  Various interior design options

•  Why it’s a good time to invest in MERU Apartments

With the solid foundation in place, we can see the first walls of the apartments going up

We’ll look at the vision and mission of MERU. This includes highlights such as the Wellness Resort and the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility.

The walls of the MERU Apartments are taking shape, and the MERU Apartments are coming to life! We will see three Maharishi Vastu structures growing simultaneously before our eyes at MERU.

Various interior design options for the MERU Apartments will be presented, as well as the four reasons why it’s a good time to invest in this project.

This is what you experience at MERU

Connect with us on Zoom and be a part of the exciting future we’re building together. See you there!

Meet the presenters

Don’t miss the gathering with our MERU Apartments project family!

Raja Andreas Thrasy


Experienced real estate developer and owner of boutique hotels.

Raja Alberto Castaño

Raja of the MERU Campus

Maharishi Vastu architect, and the appointed Raja for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Margherita Ruelle

Interior designer

Interior designer, set designer and the appointed Mother of the domain for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Caspar Jung

Director of Development

MIU business admin graduate and interested in organizational change, cultural shifts and systematic innovation.

Roxana Surca

Vastu Architect

Maharishi Vastu architect for the development of the MERU Luxury Apartment Building.

Darija Oreskovic

Customer Service

Maharishi Vastu architect and head of the dedicated sales office.

Why MERU Open House events?

Stay up to date with Meru Apartments including Vastu community updates and Vedic Knowledge.