Terms and conditions 

For the MERU Open House event

By registering for and participating in this event, you agree to the following:


Section A. Eligibility for event

If I am a Meditator, Sidha, or TM Teacher, I understand that eligibility for this event will be confirmed with the TM organization of my country and/or with Maharishi Vedic University Courses and Consultations B.V., Markt 1, 6063 AC Vlodrop, the Netherlands.

If my eligibility cannot be confirmed for the event, I understand that my access may be revoked, and any fee I have paid will be refunded.


Section B. Photo, Video, Audio, Testimonial Release

I give my permission to Stichting Maharishi European Research University (MERU), Station 24, NL-6063 NP Vlodrop, and its affiliated organizations, for the use and disclosure of any photos, videos, and testimonials, video or written.

I understand that these media items will be used for the purpose of marketing and promoting Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology. The photos / videos / statements may be used in printed publications, multimedia presentations, on websites, social media or in any other distribution media.

Use of the photographic images for purposes other than those described above or for marketing via the transfer of the images to third parties is prohibited.

I also understand that by agreeing to these terms, I am waiving any rights of compensation or ownership.

In addition, I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy or edited video wherein my likeness or my Testimonial appears.

I hereby hold harmless and release MERU and its affiliated organizations from all claims, demands and causes of action which I may have by reason of this authorization.


Section C. General provisions:

If any provision or part of any provision of this Agreement be void or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. If a provision turns out to be void or unenforceable, MVU-CC shall have the right to replace such provision by a provision in the spirit of this agreement. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands. If a judgment by a Dutch court would not be fully enforceable in the country where an infraction of the Agreement has taken place, MVU-CC may at its discretion choose to bring in a case for the relevant court in the country where the Agreement is considered to have been violated.

The license holder for this course is:

Maharishi Vedic University Courses and Consultations B. V.

Markt 1, 6063 AC Vlodrop, The Netherlands, in the following called “MVU-CC”

This website is provided by:

Stichting MERU/MVU Maharishi European Research University / Maharishi Vedic University,

Station 24, 6063 NP Vlodrop, The Netherlands

Email: cmo@maharishi.net

Section D. Refund policy:

MERU Open House event fee

We understand that life happens and plans change. Cancelling your application in writing more than 14 days before the event will result in a full refund of the event fee paid.
Cancelling your application in writing 14 days or less before the event will result in a 50% refund of the event fee paid.


In the event of cancellation within one month before the course the housing fee is non refundable.

WPA Course / Guru Purnima fee

We understand that life happens and plans change. If you, as a consumer, apply for one of MERU’s courses that is exclusively meant for your personal use, you have a 14-day right of cancellation starting from the date that you are accepted to the course (this 14-day period does not apply to professional development courses). Cancelling your application in writing within 14 days will result in a full refund of the course fee paid, if the course has not yet started. If the course begins within 14 days of your acceptance to the course, and you still wish to cancel and receive a refund, you are agreeing that for the sessions you attend, you will be charged a proportion of the whole course fee and your refund will be less than the total amount.
We will do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience of the course for which you have enrolled. However, you can still leave the course at any time after the start date and submit a refund request in writing, even after the right of cancellation has expired. This request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
If a refund is granted, it will be prorated based on a variety of factors including the number of sessions attended, time elapsed since start date, and minus any processing fee (max 5%) from the bank/payment service, and minus any processing fee from MERU International.