Building the future of MERU: Progress on construction and development

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Change is in the air!

If you’ve visited MERU recently, you know that MERU campus looks a bit different than it did just a few years ago.

In 2023, two new Vastu homes were built for our international administrators. MERU also invested in beautifying the campus, including improving some of the infrastructure and adding new amenities, like the beautiful glass houses in the parks.

But the biggest change is quite recent. Three new Maharishi Vastu buildings are taking shape — a sign we are well into “phase two” of construction on campus.

We wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest developments, which we shared in detail in our recent Open House.

You’ll also hear some of the exciting ways you can participate!

Progress on the Master Plan

One of the reasons we’re so happy with these developments is that it represents progress toward fulfilling Maharishi’s Master Plan — a detailed plan he developed more than thirty years ago.

Implementation of the plan first began in 1997 with Maharishi’s Peace Palace.

In the following decades, MERU constructed many other Maharishi Vastu buildings, including homes for international administrators, and the video building to safeguard Maharishi’s knowledge. This was the first phase of construction on campus.

After some time without construction, plans for the remaining development campus resumed a few years ago. Phase two of the Master Plan officially began last June, with the stone-setting ceremony for the apartments and other buildings.

These steps in construction are all part of MERU’s vision, which is to develop the full potential of human consciousness.

A Preliminary Version of the MERU Master Plan

The power of Maharishi Vastu: Radiating coherence

Earlier this year, we were all inspired by the huge gathering of 10,000 meditators and Sidhas in Kanha Shanti Vanam, India.

Together, we experienced the inner transformation that comes from meditating and practising the TM-Sidhi programme in such a powerful, coherence-creating group.

Maharishi Vastu supports a similar effect. When buildings in a community are carefully designed according to natural law, they naturally promote coherence, harmony, and creativity.

The atmosphere is peaceful, yet dynamic. And the effects are felt on both the individual and societal level.

MERU’s Vastu community will facilitate more than 150 meditators and Sidhas living together — the largest Vastu community in Europe.

We can only begin to imagine the positive impact that such a large group of meditators living in Vastu will have on the community and region!

“Every humanly designed, man-made structure (a work of art, or a building, garden, village or city) should conform to the Natural Laws of structuring, if that structure is to be in harmony with the structure of the universe — the expression of Cosmic Intelligence.”

– Maharishi, as quoted in How to Build Vastu Homes and Cities

Current progress

Ground Floor of the MERU Apartment Building

So where are we today in realising Maharishi’s Master Plan? Currently, we’re working on Phase two of construction, which we plan to complete in spring 2025.

Phase two consists of development on three buildings:

The Operations Building, to provide comfortable offices for staff
The Residents Building, to house MERU staff and short-term guests
The Apartment Building, to house long-term residents who have acquired an apartment

Our Maharishi Vastu architects have designed three beautiful buildings that will be both highly functional and supportive of consciousness.

Our contractor is building these three structures simultaneously, and we are currently on track to meet our target.

Best of all, we can now see the walls of all three buildings taking shape!

Our Maharishi Vastu Architect, Roxana Surca, together with Piet van der Beek, site supervisor, and Wim Jehoul and Vital Reyners, project managers on site.

The following phase

After these three buildings are complete, there’s still more work to be done.

Phase three, which we estimate will be complete in 2028, will prioritize buildings and offerings for the wider public.

Phase three includes:

  • The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility: a 12-storey exhibition centre to display the full breadth of Maharishi’ knowledge to the public
  • The MERU Wellness Resort: a 50-bedroom facility offering the highest quality Maharishi Ayurveda and modern medicine

World-class Wellness Center, Maharishi Tower of Invincibility and Maharishi’s House at the MERU campus.

To complete the campus, we will also still need to secure funding and support for these very important buildings:

  • Programme halls: facilities for group programme,
  • The Annapurna Building: kitchens, dining and communal space for residents and guests

“We have thought to put all that is best in one place, in that place. All that is good about quiet, calm, happy living, yet full of enthusiasm and dynamism, full of knowledge and experience. That is what MERU is about.”
– Dr Tony Nader, MAAR

Render of the East Facade of the MERU Apartment Building.

Investment and real estate opportunities

Curious how you can participate in these developments?

One of the best opportunities is the Apartment Building, which is the first time MERU is opening housing on campus to meditators who aren’t working for MERU or the TM organisation.

The apartments are high-end, luxury apartments, and they help support the construction plans on campus — so they won’t fit into everyone’s budget.

But if you have the funds, it’s an absolutely wonderful investment for yourself and the whole community.

Acquirers also have the opportunity to hire our talented interior designer, Margherita Ruelle, to furnish the apartment and make it perfectly suited to your needs and taste.

Learn more about the apartments project, or watch our recent webinar in which we shared the latest updates.

Did you know? If you’re not from the Schengen area but would like to acquire an apartment, we might be able to arrange a stay permit for you if you meet certain criteria. Get in touch to learn more!

Interested in investing in MERU on other projects? We welcome your inquiries! We need additional funding to make this grand vision a reality, and many of our projects have exciting commercial potential.

Reach out to to begin that conversation.

Rendering of Apartment 28 in the MERU Apartment Building. Interior design by Margherita Ruelle.

Personal development opportunities

Maybe you’re not able to invest in MERU’s construction — but you’ll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of these developments and invest in yourself.

If you’re looking for career opportunities, we have job openings in our operations team, as well as in our unique “volunteer” programme. You can explore these openings on our website.

Or perhaps, you’re eager to enjoy a short-term stay on campus once the buildings are ready.
Courses, Ayurvedic treatments, or even just a wonderful stay in the peaceful forest? They’re all coming soon!

Mark your calendar for summer 2025, when we’ll be opening our doors for more events and activities. And make sure you’re signed up to the MERU newsletter (sign up on our home page) where we’ll be sharing all the latest updates.

Interested in the apartments? Join our Open House in June

We’re thrilled to be making progress on MERU campus — to finally see the campus blossoming in its full potential.

And speaking of blossoms, if you’re thinking about acquiring an apartment, you are warmly invited to our Open House in June.

It’s a chance to see the construction first-hand, meet your potential neighbours, and enjoy some cake in the gardens.

Learn more and register here.

To all our well-wishers and broader community, thank you for all your support and encouragement during this time of transition and development. We can’t wait to welcome you to campus soon!

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