Vision of MERU Community Life

Mar 2, 2023

Imagine a community of spiritual people living together and growing towards enlightenment, in the purest environment, fused with Maharishi’s presence. You can regularly attend Vedic ceremonies and celebrations performed by Maharishi Vedic pandits. Delicious organic food is available, as well as Ayurveda treatments, and Knowledge courses on the campus. Outside the forest there is a city life – you have access to a spa, pool, sauna, tennis, golf, shopping, dining, and more. This isn’t a dream — this is what you will experience at MERU as a resident of the Maharishi Vastu Apartment.

MERU Master Plan and campus activities

In the middle of the Meinweg National Park there is a truly enchanting place where Maharishi used to live.

Now you will also have a unique opportunity to live here! MERU is building 29 luxury apartments in an exquisite 4-storey Maharishi Vastu building. They are tailored especially for Meditators, Sidhas and Governors, seeking to live in an enlightened community together in the special place where Maharishi himself lived for 18 years.

‘It‘s an atmosphere so unique, serene, peaceful, where you naturally want to learn more and be more in touch with knowledge. It‘s the best place to be.’
– Rudina Kopo

meru apartments

MERU Apartment Building (on the left) and Community Dining Hall (on the right)

What is MERU, and where is it?

Maharishi European Research University (MERU) is located in Vlodrop, the Netherlands. It was the home of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from 1990 to 2008. MERU is the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace where many of the leaders of Maharishi’s movement live and work. 

Over the last four decades, MERU has played many roles as the International Transcendental Meditation (TM) organisation. It is a host for courses and retreats for the global and local TM communities. It is a centre for knowledge – a place for understanding Maharishi’s profound framework of life. 

Helping the global TM community grow in the understanding and experience of consciousness, MERU continues Maharishi’s mission: to promote a healthy, vibrant and peaceful society for all.

This is what Maharishi said about living in a Vastu community which is lively here at MERU:

“If you desire not to be tossed about by the ups and downs of different values of the economy, politics, religion, and social change, the Ideal Vastu Village will provide that level of awareness, that steady level of consciousness, which will turn every situation to your advantage, which will prove the situation to be in your favour, whatever it may be to others.”

What does life at MERU look like?

MERU has the eternal mission: To bring enlightenment to every individual on Earth and invincibility to every nation – creating Heaven on Earth. 

In this spirit, MERU is developing the campus by building Maharishi Vastu facilities and improving the culture and environment for their residents. MERU is also planning to establish a retirement program for movement devotees since this is the perfect Place of Retirement and Silence. Many services are provided to make life easier.

Besides, MERU is the place where leaders of the Global Country of World Peace are coming together to work on various projects, to attend conferences, leadership training and yearly celebrations. MERU is also a home for some of the Rajas, Raj Rajeshwaris and Ministers. 

MERU attracts new Meditators looking for depth of experience. They work as volunteers and develop through knowledge & service programs. They take the Advanced Techniques and TM Sidhi program, and many of them go on to take the TM Teachers Training course.

Coherence creating groups are one of the most important elements of the campus. Purusha have been living there since the very beginning when Maharishi purchased the land in 1984. A group of Mother Divine also joined them in 1990. Vedic Pandits continue to perform daily recitations and are present at yearly celebrations and events, such as Guru Purnima and 12th of January, and other important Vedic celebrations.

Watch the video to see the kind of lifestyle MERU offers

Meditators and Sidhas come to MERU for courses, to learn and apply Total knowledge in their lives. They have had courses on Ayurveda, Vedic gardening, Vastu architecture, Gandharva veda, Yoga asanas, Aromatherapy, Vedic dance, Consciousness-based education, and many more.

MERU has been awaiting the construction of Maharishi’s Tower of Invincibility which will attract people from all around Europe and the world. They are hoping the campus will therefore become a unique Place of Pilgrimage.

Creating the momentum to complete the MERU Master Plan

About forty percent of the Master plan has been realised and built over the last 20 years. In the drawing below there are buildings in grey that have already been built.

On the top right side there is Maharishi’s home – Maharishi Peace Palace where vedic celebrations and other important TM movement meetings are being held. Behind there are 12 Raja houses, facilities for Mother Divine, and at the very back Residential houses for members of Maharishi’s movement.

meru apartments

Last year, in 2022, construction began on the two new Raja Homes. Now, in May 2023, construction will begin on the MERU Apartment Building, the MERU Residents Building and the MERU Operations Building! These projects are creating the momentum for more to happen, including the Community Dining Hall and the Flying Halls. There are many well-wishers and everything has been given attention in prioritised fashion. 

This will be followed by the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility and Maharaja Peace Palace with a world-class integrated health and wellness resort. MERU aims to become a luxury wellness destination!

“Living in cosmic magnitude, this is living in Vastu buildings.” – Maharishi

Wishing to live in such an environment?

Residing at MERU will provide the benefits of Maharishi Vastu and an atmosphere that is saturated with deep silence and blissful dynamism, promoting profound experiences and the growth of consciousness. If you are interested to learn more about this special opportunity, you can explore our website or get in touch by email at

Outside of the EU? Some people may choose to live at MERU on a part-time basis – they can stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days every six months. If you wish to live at MERU full time, MERU will assist you in obtaining a spiritual visa.

Meet the MERU Apartments team

Andreas Thrasy

Experienced real estate developer and owner of boutique hotels.

Alberto Castaño

Raja of the MERU Campus
Maharishi Vastu architect, and the appointed Raja for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Margherita Ruelle

Interior designer
Interior designer, set designer and the appointed Mother of the domain for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.


Director of Development
MIU business admin graduate and interested in organizational change, cultural shifts and systematic innovation.


Vastu Architect
Maharishi Vastu architect for the development of the MERU Luxury Apartment Building.

Darija Oreskovic

Customer Service
Maharishi Vastu architect and head of the dedicated sales office.

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