Wonderful news about MERU

The future of MERU

A message from Raja Alberto and Mother of the Domain Margherita, as they share the wonderful news about the Vlodrop campus

‘As new Raja and Mother of the Domain for architecture and building at MERU, we are delighted to announce that the Global Country of World Peace will be proceeding with construction on the Vlodrop campus in multiple phases.

We have created a group of experts, including Raja Kingsley and Leslie Brooks, Raja Andreas and Linda Thrasy, Dr. Eike Hartmann, Raja Rafael David, Dr Bevan Morris, Dr Neil Paterson, Dr Girish Momaya, Rudy Gillman, Caspar Jung, and ourselves. This committee will act as the MERU Building Committee to provide planning, design and funding in order to start very soon the execution of the project.

We know the priorities of the MERU campus in terms of space requirements, and we have identified the way to satisfy these immediate needs through the construction of the already permitted buildings. Parallel to the first building activities, we will apply for the permission of a second phase of construction in the near future.

Along with the many other wonderful features that will be built on campus, such as the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility, a dining hall, office space, and training and course facilities, we wish to create comfortable flying and meditation spaces for everyone already in phase one of construction, as well as facilities for young people to stay on campus, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, and have an opportunity to take knowledge courses and trainings especially for the younger generation.

We will keep everybody informed about all these developments as plans are finalised and we proceed to the next stages of construction.

We feel very happy to be part of this important phase of our movement and would like to thank Maharaja for allowing us to contribute to the MERU expansion, making Maharishi’s house the most beautiful place of our movement’s properties.’


Raja Alberto Castaño Gonzalez
and Mother of the Domain Margherita Ruelle

Practicalities during the transition

We are overjoyed to be moving forward on construction – a great fulfilment to a collective intention.

Naturally, there will be some adjustments since we are no longer using the St. Odiliënberg facility. For more more details about what is planned during the transition, and where we will be holding courses in the meantime, read this article.

A new website

More good news! MERU has a brand new website for our courses, Vedic celebrations, and retreats.

Visit our event overview page to see all our upcoming events such as the Global Winter Assembly, Advanced Techniques, retreats, and more. Or, visit the home page to explore the entire site.


Volunteering at MERU

MERU continues to be a place for the younger generation, and in fact people of all ages, to grow in Maharishi’s knowledge. This happens through the courses and events at MERU, and especially through the MERU Volunteer Programme.

In recent years, many volunteers have used this as a track to learn the Advanced Techniques and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, and many have gone on to the Teacher Training Course to become Teachers of Transcendental Meditation. Could the Volunteer Programme be a good next step for you or someone you know? Read this blog post to learn more.

We hope to welcome you soon to MERU – to together celebrate and enjoy the work to fulfil Maharishi’s vision for this beautiful place.


Jai Guru Dev

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