Training To Bring Consciousness-Based Education Programs to Your Nation

Online Course Agreement Form for Course Participants

I understand that any course materials I receive, electronic or printed, about the Consciousness-Based educational approach of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (hereafter called “Consciousness-Based education”) including, but not limited to, principles of teaching and curriculum, and course and administrative materials, are not to be duplicated, loaned, or distributed to anyone without written permission from the International Foundation of Consciousness-Based Education. These materials are only for me, and should not to be given to others.

The exception to this policy is the scholarly articles, publicity materials, and video documentaries, distributed to the course participants at the end of the course. The purpose of these kind of publications is to inform the public, including educators, about Consciousness-Based education.

I understand that these documents, and any other Consciousness-Based education materials or knowledge that I receive, are to be used only by me and solely for the purpose of performing my duties as a Consciousness-Based education leader in my country.

I will not use these materials or the knowledge they contain in any other context, including in my own classroom or school, or for teaching formally or informally to others, but only in the context of an organized Consciousness-Based education project overseen and approved by the Raja or Raj Rajeshwari and National Director and National Education Director (if active) of my country.

I understand that if I stop representing Consciousness-Based education in my country, I will not make use of any of the Consciousness-Based education materials I have received, or give them to other. I will return them to the National Director. Nor will I use the knowledge of Consciousness-Based education for any purpose other than officially approved Consciousness-Based education projects established under the auspices of the Global Country of World Peace, including the Global Mother Divine Organization.

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