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Living in a TM community

We are delighted to give an opportunity few have ever been given – the chance to live in a luxury apartment in an exquisite Maharishi Vastu building on the MERU campus! Apartments are tailored especially for Meditators, Sidhas, and Teachers of Transcendental Meditation seeking to live in an enlightened community together in the special place where Maharishi himself lived for 18 years.

Interior design for enlightenment

It ‘s an atmosphere so unique, serene, peaceful, where you naturally want to learn more and  be more in touch with knowledge. It‘s the best place to be.

See the video presentation about the interior design:

In the three-storey apartment building there are a total of 35 apartments, ranging between 30 and 155 square metres. There is something for every taste, whether you are looking for a particular size, view, or room arrangement.

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our core team

Our experienced team will ensure the whole process goes smoothly, from our first conversation with you, to the moment you step inside your finished apartment.

Raja Andreas Thrasy


Experienced real estate developer and owner of boutique hotels.


Raja Alberto Castaño

Raja of the MERU Campus

Maharishi Vastu architect, and the appointed Raja for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Margherita Ruelle

Interior designer

Interior designer, set designer and the appointed Mother of the domain for the Maharishi Vastu constructions at MERU.

Caspar Jung

Director of Development

MIU business admin graduate and interested in organizational change, cultural shifts and systematic innovation.

Roxana Surca

Vastu Architect

Maharishi Vastu architect for the development of the MERU Luxury Apartment Building.

Keith Parker

Customer Service

Retired banker, instrumental in developing and arranging financing for the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, UK.

Darija Oreskovic

Customer Service

Maharishi Vastu architect and head of the dedicated sales office.

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Interior design for enlightenment