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Maharishi Aroma Therapy Foundation Course
Guidelines – 27 April 2017

Purity and Confidentiality


All the specific information regarding the nature and the application of the essential oils that you have learned during your training course is to be considered unique and only for your own use. 

Any material that is subject to copyright, including the course handouts and the syllabus (in printed or electronic form), can only be used for your own personal instruction and education, and must not be copied, passed on to others or published unless with written permission from MVU-CC or its affiliates. This also applies to all other course contents, including oral information and practical training. Taking photos or audio or video recordings or screenshots during the lessons or otherwise copying the content of the education being electronically communicated (e.g. over the internet) is not permitted.

In this course you will gain the deep understanding and training how to select the appropriate Essential Oils and the methods of their application according to the principles of Maharishi AyurVeda for restoring wholeness and balance to body, mind, and emotions; On this basis you will be able to give advice to your family members and your friends.

When giving lectures and presentations please work with a certified MAT consultant from the MCPHI who will give the consultations.

You must always stay within the framework of the standard guidelines, and not compromise any of this unique knowledge. If you have any questions or want to write any longer and detailed articles, always contact your MAT consultant and if necessary, the Maharishi Aroma Therapy department of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International will be happy to review such articles or lectures and offer suggestions as appropriate.

Always use trademarks and other service names relating to Maharishi Aroma Therapy exactly as instructed and make sure not to expand this use of names and marks to cover anything other than Maharishi’s knowledge and products.

You are advised to only purchase and recommend pure, natural, organic or wild crafted essential oils. 

I have read, understood and agree with these guidelines for the Maharishi Aroma Therapy Foundation Course (please write in block letters).

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