Manual: How to use MERU’s Online Platform

After your application has been processed, you will receive an email with your login details in the form of a username and password. If you have previously taken other courses with us, your previous log in details remain valid.


With your username and password, please visit to log in. This is what it looks like:

As soon as you log in, it will take you to the “Your Courses” page.

If you are taking more than one course at a time, you can click on “Expand All” for a quick review of your progress.

To access the relevant course, you simply select the name of the course (shown in orange when you hover over the link).

From then, you will be forwarded to the course itself!

After the welcoming message and other general information, you will be able to see the Course Content. There you’ll find information on how to use Zoom, all course materials, as well as the Lesson numbers and dates.

To access each Lesson, simply click on the Lesson number.

You will then be forwarded to the relevant lesson, where all the details about the live session will be displayed.

If the live session is during the week, the recording of the live session will be available within 24 hours under the same Lesson number. If the live sessions are during a weekend, the recordings will be available on the following Tuesday.

After the live session has finished, or after you have finished watching the recording, you can “Mark Complete” at the bottom of the page. This is helpful not only to record your own progress but also for the teacher to verify your progress.  You can then move to the “Next Lesson”, or revisit the “Previous Lesson”.

We hope you find this Manual helpful. If there are any further clarifications needed, please write to for more support.

Best wishes,
MERU Course Office Team