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  • One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness webinar
    23 July - 26 July
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: Vaidya Hanumantha Rao
    Course Fee: €198 excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 12 February, noon

    Open to the general public as well as the TM community, this in-depth course, designed by Maharishi himself, will demonstrate how to prevent ill health by bringing all areas of life into harmony with natural law.
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  • Bringing Consciousness-Based Education to Your Nation
    17 February
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: TTC Office
    Course Fee: Free of charge
    Application Deadline: 17 February, noon

    A webinar for all who are interested in the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course. A panel will give an overview of the course and answer all questions.
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  • Virtual Retreat Series
    27 August - 29 August
    Language: English and German
    Teaching Faculty: Joachim, Iris and Orelia Roller
    Course Fee: €198 excl. VAT
    Requirements: Sidha or Governor
    Application Deadline: 1 March, noon

    This comprehensive training covers the fundamentals and applications of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, a powerful, health-promoting technology developed by Joachim and Iris Roller under Maharishi’s guidance.
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  • Total Knowledge with Dr. Peter Warburton, Part 3
    13 - 14 March
    Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Dutch
    Teaching Faculty: Dr Peter Swan
    Course Fee: 108€ excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 15 January, noon

    A powerful workshop for personal growth. Participants will be introduced to specific aspects of Maharishi’s Science and Technology of Consciousness.
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  • Practical Applications of Maharishi AyurVeda Series
    15 March - 22 April
    Language: English, Arabic, Russian, + 2 more languages on demand
    Teaching Faculty: Dr Peter Warburton
    Course Fee: 108€ excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 17 March, noon

    Building on the curriculum from part one, part two further reveals the profound details of the structure and fabric of consciousness. The course features a new selection of Maharishi’s talks, as well as discussion, exercises, and engaging personal stories of life with Maharishi.
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  • Experience the Veda in Your Life
    24 March - 14 July
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: Dr Bevan Morris, Dr Ashley Deans
    Course Fee: €399 excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 23 March, noon

    Offered online for the first time, the course will cover the Science of Creative Intelligence as a science as well as explain how it benefits many areas of society. Participants will gain insight into the nature of consciousness while developing their own.
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  • TM Teacher Best Practices Workshop
    3 April - 15 May
    Language: English, French
    Teaching Faculty: Dr Nadine Thomas
    Course Fee: €198 excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 19 March, noon

    This recorded online Maharishi Aroma Therapy Foundation course will teach the basic principles and methods behind the use of essential oils to maintain balance and improve many areas of life. Dr Thomas will connect live every two weeks for Questions and Answers.
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  • TM Together Virtual Retreat
    30 April - 2 May
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: Special Guests
    Course Fee: €25 excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 29 April, noon

    A weekend of meditation for young people (18 - 45) with inspiration from faculty and guest speakers. An opportunity to connect with others and have a relaxing weekend.
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  • Virtual Winter Retreat
    15 - 16 May
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: Reshma Srivastava
    Course Fee: €64 excl. VAT
    Application Deadline: 14 May, noon

    Explores both the principles and practice of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music. Learn the musical theory and discover the boundless within the boundaries of rhythm, notes, and time theory.
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  • Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultation Course
    24 May - 16 July
    Language: English
    Teaching Faculty: Dr Nadine Thomas
    Course Fee: €297 excl. VAT
    Requirements: MAT Foundation
    Application Deadline: 10 May

    This online course continues the principles gained from the Foundation Course and trains participants in the art of being a Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant. Sessions will focus on the therapeutic aspect of the knowledge and its connections to Maharishi AyurVeda.
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