TM Teacher Best Practices Workshop

How to be a professional full time very successful TM Teacher and run a successful and professional TM Centre

Live online, interactive weekend workshop, with Dr Vicki and Richard Broome

19 – 21 November 2021

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For all Teachers of Transcendental Meditation and approved applicants of the TM Teacher Training Course.

Course fee: 129€ (incl. VAT)

Live online, interactive weekend workshop

Language of instruction: English

For all Teachers of Transcendental Meditation and approved applicants of the TM Teacher Training Course.

Course fee: 129€ (incl. VAT)

Live online, interactive weekend workshop

Language of instruction: English

Live, online

Days of

Open to all TM Teachers

Live, online sessions

Days of sessions

Open to all TM Teachers

About the workshop

Learning and growing is part of any profession. In fact, a lot of professions require annual training to continue practising. This workshop is especially designed for TM Teachers who want to stay on top of their game, improve their skills, and keep evolving in these modern times.

Although the most fulfilling aspect of the profession is teaching Transcendental Meditation, it is not the only aspect. With this workshop, you will learn about skills to help you market TM, to increase numbers at your intro talks, and increase your initiations. 

Outside of attracting prospective Meditators, the workshop guides you through how to professionally run your TM Centre, both online and offline. You will learn how to offer an effective follow-up programme for your Meditators, whether that be in-person meetings or online. 

Even if you have taken this workshop before in previous years, you are welcome to join again. The world has changed a lot recently and so have some practices. With the TM App, a lot of TM Teachers can now teach mostly online. These new practices alongside the refresher make retaking the workshop worthwhile.

What does the workshop include? 


  • Teaching online and successful intro talks
  • Mnemonics for remembering names and faces
  • Communication skills
  • Closing techniques – signing people up for a TM course
  • Knowing the audience and adapting
  • Building a referral system
  • Dressing for success
  • Dealing with people with PTSD

How does the workshop work?

  • Live online
  • Role playing with feedback
  • Breakout rooms
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Short videos to complement learning

About Dr Vicki Broome and Dr Richard Broome

Dr Vicki Broome is the Mother of the Domain for South Africa, Namibia, Finland, and Lesotho. She completed her TM Teacher Training Course in La Antilla in 1972 and since then has taught TM to over 13000 people as well as group initiations in Kenya and the Philippines. Dr Broome has been an TM Advanced Techniques Teacher since 1980 and is also a TM Sidhi Administrator. She is a Maharishi AyurVeda Consultant and a registered psychologist in South Africa. In South Africa, she was the National Director for 16 years alongside her husband Dr Richard Broome

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vicki and her husband taught between 50 and 70 people TM per month in their Houghton TM Centre, making the centre one of the busiest in the world. Over the past five years Vicki and Richard have been training TM Teachers all over the world to be more successful. They have run online workshops on how to sign up 100% at Introductory talks for many countries including India, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, South Korea, Israel, Netherlands, Canada, Finland, and South Africa.

Dr Richard Broome, also known as Raja Richard, is an authorised Transcendental Meditation Teacher and director of companies. He has taught over 2600 people Transcendental Meditation to date. He started out as a military and airline pilot, became an investment analyst in Canada, and has spent the past 40 years teaching TM and as a management consultant, presenting workshops, principally in South Africa and Australia. He is currently the Raja (administrator) of Transcendental Meditation in four countries: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Finland.

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‘Absolutely fantastic course– thank you so much from the deepest level of my heart. I learnt to talk more the way I talk to friends. I learnt 1000 different tips and tricks I will happily use.’ – DA

‘All imaginable aspects of a lecture on TM have been covered. A must for any TM teacher.’Claudio Scubla

‘I liked everything about the course! Course leaders are exceptional professionals. They prepare everything up front to make sure all of us have great experiences in the course.’ Feli Hoo

‘It was an interesting and useful course with new ideas and practical skills. As a long-term active TM teacher, this course has brought me new inspiration and refreshed strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ Chin-Fen Lee

‘I feel more ready for teaching when I have got through the course. I learnt not to teach points like a professor but rather to speak with the people.’Thomas Hove

‘Almost everything was very interesting! I enjoyed and learned very much. Thank you for all your openness and honesty!’ Sabine Plasseheart

‘I liked that this course is extremely helpful to improve the skills of my profession of being a TM teacher. not only just for my career as a TM teacher. I feel that I can use it on a personal level.’Natalie Warn

Practical Points

Requirements for attending the workshop

All Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation technique are welcome to join this online workshop. This workshop is also open to approved applicants of the TM Teacher Training Course.

Seminar schedule

The workshop will have six live online sessions total over one weekend, from Friday 19 November until Sunday 21 November. All times are Central European time (Amsterdam time).  

Friday 19 November
Session 1 – 19:30-21:00 CET

 Saturday 20 November
Session 2 – 10:30-12:30 CET
Session 3 – 14:30-17:00 CET
Session 4  – 20:00-21:00 CET

Sunday 21 November
Session 5 – 10:30-12:30  CET
Session 6 – 14:30-16:30 CET

Course fee

The standard fee is 129 euro (incl. VAT). Low-income countries have a special rate for this course. Please see the application form to find your discount.


Joining the course

Technical requirements to join are that you have a desktop, laptop, or mobile device that can access the internet. The course will be conducted by Zoom video conferencing software. Instructions for using Zoom, and login details for joining the course, will be provided before the course. It is important to attend the sessions live as the workshop will not be recorded.

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