TM Together Virtual Retreat

An online get-together in collaboration with the International Young Meditators’ Course (IYMC) with group meditations and knowledge meetings


30 April – 2 May 2021

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For International Young TM Meditators, TM-Sidhas and TM Teachers


Apply by noon 29 April to join


First session starts 19:30, 30 April, CEST  
Final session ends 20:30, 2 May, CEST

Course fee: 25€ (excl. VAT)

*Reduced rates are available for low-income countries — please see the application form for more details.

In English, with simultaneous translation in Spanish

Online, Interactive Sessions

Session per day,
over three days

Open to everyone who practises TM

Online, Interactive Sessions

Session per day,
over three days

Open to everyone who practises TM

About the course

TM Together is a grassroots initiative organised by young Meditators, for young Meditators. The goal of TM Together is to bring young Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers together to experience group meditation, profound Maharishi knowledge, and to enjoy the uplifting social connection that follows. 

Usually, these TM Together weekends are independently organised, in-person events across the globe that connect through a virtual global call. This time, the whole weekend is online and organised in collaboration with MERU and IYMC, and we invite you to join us for a relaxed weekend of togetherness, fun, meditation, and knowledge. 

In this online retreat, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow young Meditators from all over the world from the comfort of your home. Together, we will discuss topics important to young people and enjoy relevant talks from Maharishi. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have inspiration for personal growth and making an impact on the issues that matter to you. 

You’ll also have dedicated time for your TM programme, in order to tend to your self-care and well-being. No matter where you’re from, you’re going to enjoy this time relaxing with other Meditators from your generation.

Guidance from Dr Peter Warburton

To kick off the weekend, we will be joined by Dr Peter Warburton (also known as Raja Peter) offering us guidance for the retreat, with special programme instructions.

Raja Peter hosts an annual 10-day International Young Meditators’ Course (IYMC), a longer in-residence rounding course for young TM Meditators from all over the world.

As the pandemic has made an in-person course impossible, Raja Peter extends an invitation to all previous participants of the IYMC and TM Together, as well as to young people who have not yet had an opportunity to attend a rounding course, to attend this special online retreat. TM Together is not only a perfect first TM retreat but a fantastic way to connect with fellow young Meditators.

An online retreat for young
people by
young people

The MERU Course Office itself is made up of young TM Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers. We know exactly what makes TM Together special and we want to replicate the warm and friendly atmosphere at in-person TM Together and IYMC events. That’s why our TM Together knowledge meetings will be led by younger TM Teachers, and the knowledge and discussions will be relevant and accessible.

Group meditation

What better way to feel connected with other Meditators than to participate in group meditations? Online group meditations will enable us to enjoy the warmth and coherence of the young TM community even while we are all around the globe.

Course leaders

Giorgio Papadopulos

Giorgio is half Greek, half Italian, raised in Greece and studied Engineering in London. Although he holds a Master’s in Structural Engineering, he worked in the fashion industry for Europe’s leading online retailers for years.  Then he took his next step of his journey and attended the TM Teacher Training Course, and hasn’t looked back. He has taught TM in Berlin and Greece, and last summer joined the NextGen Purusha Programme as the course leader of the EU group and co-director of the programme, and is working on expanding it globally.


Carlos Cervantes

Carlos is half Mexican, half English, and graduated from the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Thailand, 2018. He has taught on TM school projects in Portugal and Sierra Leone, as well as in a TM prison project in the UK. Carlos has led TM retreats in Cardiff, Bristol, London, and the Algarve.


Norma Fonseca

Norma is from Colombia. She learned Transcendental Meditation while working as part of a fund management company in Scotland. Her decision to become a TM Teacher came after accomplishing her dream of travelling across Central and South America where she shared valuable time with indigenous communities. After meeting Father Mejia, Norma was greatly inspired to go to the TM Teacher Training Course in Thailand in 2018. Since then, she has taught TM throughout Scotland and within schools, NGOs, and corporations in Sierra Leone.


Dr Peter Warburton

Dr Peter Warburton is Chief Executive of Maharishi Foundation in the UK as well as the leader of numerous sister organisations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr Warburton worked closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme, for 36 years. Dr Warburton has been the lead organiser for the International Young Meditators’ Courses (IYMC) for the past ten years and has taken an active role in sharing Maharishi’s profound knowledge with the younger generation.


Practical Points


What are the requirements to attend this course?

Anyone approximately aged 18 – 45 years old who has been instructed in the Transcendental Meditation technique is welcome to join this event. To attend this event, please clear your schedule of all work responsibilities. This is a special time for you, a unique opportunity to put your attention completely on deep rest and self-care.

What is the schedule of the course?

Aside from the scheduled daily meetings, your other time during the day will be dedicated to practising the TM technique and the Maharishi Yoga Asanas. You will receive the full details about the schedule during the first meeting on 30 April at 19:30 CEST, so please make sure to attend this first meeting.


Daily meeting schedule 

Session one: Friday 30 April, 19:00-20:30 CEST
Session two: Saturday 1 May, 14:30-16:00 CEST
Session three: Saturday 1 May 19:00 – 20:30 CEST – Global callfree
Session four: Sunday 2 May 19:00 – 20:30 CEST

Will the meetings be recorded?

No, please note that sessions will not be recorded. Meetings will be held live only.

Course fee

The fee is 25 euro. Low-income countries have a special rate for this course. Please see the application form to find your discount.

Still, if you can’t pay, we don’t want you to miss out — that’s why we have made the global call on Saturday 1 May free. Register for the zoom call here.

 Come together with other young TM Meditators to enjoy profound experiences and deep knowledge!