Terms and conditions

 By registering for and participating in this course, you agree to the following:

Section A. Purpose of taking the course:

I am taking this Course for the sole purpose of my own personal development. I understand that although the knowledge I will receive in this Course is meant to enrich my understanding of the full development of life, and to help me maintain good physical health and psychological well-being in a natural way, it is not intended as a replacement for any medical advice and care. Please be aware that some courses may require an additional agreement form depending on the content of the course.

I am aware that completion of this Course does not qualify me to teach it or any part of it; nor does it qualify me to give advice to other persons, to diagnose or to give consultations or perform treatments on the basis of the knowledge contained in this Course, nor to use the knowledge contained in this Course for any professional purpose, irrespective of whether I have been professionally trained or authorized in the area to which this Course relates.

Therefore, I agree not to teach all or part of this Course in any form, at any time or place; and not to take any action as described in the previous point, neither with nor without fee, unless I have prior written authorization of MVU-CC or any organization authorized by MVU-CC. I shall refer all persons who express interest in the knowledge contained in this Course to an authorized consultant, clinic, or other facility offering services of Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health or other programmes offered by MVU CC.

I understand that MVU-CC and its affiliated institutions have the exclusive right worldwide to teach and promote the knowledge contained in this Course.

I understand that the effectiveness of the knowledge contained in this Course depends on it being taught in its full authenticity and purity by qualified teachers. In taking this course, I am acknowledging the importance of this principle and resolve to honour it.

Section B. Confidentiality:

I further agree to keep any written or other course materials that I may receive during this Course confidential and only for my personal and private use. I agree not to copy nor reproduce in any way all or part of this Course’s materials, and not to allow any other person to do so or to use this Course’s materials. Furthermore, I agree not to publicly disclose the content of this Course, be it from this Course’s materials, from my own notes for any reason or at any occasion.

I will not record any of the videos that are streamed during this Course without prior written permission from MVU-CC.

Section C. Refund:

I understand and accept as a general rule that no refund can be granted after I have completed the first lesson of this Course, whatever the cause that may lead me to interrupt or stop my participation in this Course. In special cases, please contact us.

Section D. Conduct during event:

I understand that by participating in this event, I am agreeing to engage with the faculty, course leaders, and other participants in a respectful manner.

I understand that disruptive behaviour after a warning from faculty, course leaders, or other members of the MERU Course Office can result in my course access being revoked without a refund.

Section E. Eligibility for event

If I am a Meditator, Sidha, or TM Teacher, I understand that eligibility for this event will be confirmed with the TM organization of my country and/or with Maharishi Vedic University Courses and Consultations B.V., Markt 1, 6063 AC Vlodrop, the Netherlands.

If my eligibility cannot be confirmed for the event, I understand that my access may be revoked, and any fee I have paid will be refunded, in proportion to the number of lessons I have taken.

Section F. Photo, Video, Audio, Testimonial Release

I give my permission to Stichting Maharishi European Research University (MERU), Station 24, NL-6063 NP Vlodrop, and its affiliated organizations, for the use and disclosure of any photos, videos, and testimonials, video or written.

I understand that these media items will be used for the purpose of marketing and promoting Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology. The photos / videos / statements may be used in printed publications, multimedia presentations, on websites, social media or in any other distribution media.

Use of the photographic images for purposes other than those described above or for marketing via the transfer of the images to third parties is prohibited.

I also understand that by agreeing to these terms, I am waiving any rights of compensation or ownership.

In addition, I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy or edited video wherein my likeness or my Testimonial appears.

I hereby hold harmless and release MERU and its affiliated organizations from all claims, demands and causes of action which I may have by reason of this authorization.

Section F. General provisions:

If any provision or part of any provision of this Agreement be void or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. If a provision turns out to be void or unenforceable, MVU-CC shall have the right to replace such provision by a provision in the spirit of this agreement. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands. If a judgment by a Dutch court would not be fully enforceable in the country where an infraction of the Agreement has taken place, MVU-CC may at its discretion choose to bring in a case for the relevant court in the country where the Agreement is considered to have been violated.

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Maharishi Vedic University Courses and Consultations B. V.
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